5 Telltale Signs You Are a Feminazi

5 Telltale Signs You Are a Feminazi
Being an advocate of equal rights of women is the best gift you can give to womanhood. But I am sorry to say this but being a feminazi will make you least likeable and most hateable.

Feminazis are only working towards the annihilation of peace in a society. No one would simply like to be in your presence if you belong to that gang. You would wave at someone you know and they would not wave back pretending they didn’t see you. Your situation will be like the person who can empty a drawing room by their mere presence.

Here are five telltale signs you are a feminazi:


  • You cannot acknowledge that men also need respect:

A big sign that indicates you are a feminazi is that you consider it cool to disrespect men. If you really need respect from men then you must give them respect too.

A feminazi fails to take into account that in a world where women must be respected, there is no reason why men should not be.

So, take a break from posting so many insulting and mean posts for men on your social media accounts. I urge you to stop hating men just because they are men.


  •  You always view homemakers as oppressed:

5 Telltale Signs You Are a Feminazi

Women should do as they please. Period. There are many women still out there who simply want to cook for their men and kids out of love. They do not like to work and want to stay at home and raise a family. Sometimes, women do it out of their own will.

A feminazi, however, fails to understand that even though such a mentality exists where women are oppressed and not allowed to work or have freedom, there are women who aim to be homemakers.

Women who don’t want to get married or have kids out of their own choice are judged by misogynists in the same way feminazis judge some of the women who want to become homemakers, stay at home or cover themselves out of their free will.


  • You don’t want equality, you want superiority:

5 Telltale Signs You Are a Feminazi

Society cannot function properly where there is no balance. A feminazi wants men to go to another planet forever so that women can rule this planet. When women and men are both given equal rights, only then can a society function at its best.

If you want to be treated as superior being then obviously you will have to face problems as men would also not want to be treated as inferior beings consequently.


  • You fail to see that being a woman comes with some perks too:

5 Telltale Signs You Are a Feminazi

You fail to understand that being a woman means that you will get to experience what men can never experience; motherhood.

You are the one who is blessed to experience the most beautiful experience of pregnancy and childbirth and not men. So, you must show gratitude to the creator that he gave you the biggest responsibility of bringing a life into this world.

  • You start becoming the attention seeker:

The biggest sign of being a feminazi is to feel that wearing a bra, shaving your armpit is a form of oppression. If you do not like to shave your armpits or wear a bra, it’s perfectly fine. But, how can you come up with this idea that if you do it, then it will make you feel oppressed. Only a feminazi can think of such imprudent stuff not a feminist.

So, having equal rights is cool but thinking that every man is conspiring against you is totally insane.  Your agenda must not always be to harass men, but you must try to understand that the beauty of this world is in the creation of two different sexes and both are equal.



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