5 Texting rules that every couple should know!

While real communication is starting to wane out these days, texting is possibly the easiest way to communicate with your date and stay in touch. However, it can be really frustrating if your partner is not a fan of texting and you find it hard to keep a check on him. This may just be the other way round where you find it hard to text while he keeps texting you the whole day.

5 Texting rules that every couple should know!

According to research published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior texting can reveal a lot more about the relationship that you share with your partner. Researchers have found that those who share similar texting behaviour tend to have a more stable relationship than those who don’t. If you are in a relationship where you see less of each other, texting can be a great way to stay in touch. Moreover, if both of you need to communicate frequently and openly, texting can be a fun way to interact.


Avoid serious confrontations


It is important that you keep serious discussions and fights to calls or when you meet. When you text, there are chances that you might end up texting something and meaning something else. You cannot take back what you say and texts that will stay perhaps forever will be a constant reminder of the way you dealt with a situation. Instead of sending sarcastic responses of deliberately using hurtful words should be avoided. If you value your relationship enough you will be careful not to all your positive efforts in the relationship with a dilly hurtful text. So, to avoid escalating the matters to a harsher level, it is better you avoid any sort of serious confrontation with your partner over texts.


Discuss what’s doable


Mature relationships are different than immature ones because there is always a healthy discussion on setting boundaries to avoid curbing the space of each other and respecting your partner’s other priorities. It is unrealistic of you to expect your partner to keep texting 24/7. Or the fact that they should be responding to each and every text of yours instantly. You should set boundaries for each other because excessive texting at the start of relationships can increase your expectations and this might cause serious problems when either of you gets busier with other important aspects of life. Have a constructive discussion about what you are ready to do to stay in touch through texts. This is important if you wish to avoid struggles later. [Read: What Is Your Biggest Emotional Trigger? As per Zodiac Sign!]


Text what you can say on the face


More often we cannot face saying something to our partners which we know will hurt them when they are in front of us. It is difficult to face them later. Just because texting allows you to hide your facial expressions, you shouldn’t send curse words or anything that is downright disrespectful to your partner. Words have immense power in making and breaking relationships. What will appear trivial to you might be a bigger statement for someone who is sensitive. So, choose your words carefully and wisely so that you don’t hurt your partner by saying something that you would regret later or that which you could never tell them on their face. So, try and stay as genuine as possible but don’t use your freedom of speech to humiliate or hurt someone you expect to have a stable relationship with. [Read: How to communicate with your partner ?]


Wait till your relationship gets stable


If you are in a new relationship and you are still clueless about how your partner is or how your partner really thinks and works, you should keep yours texts to a bare minimum unless you know him a little better and vice versa. This will help you stay more grounded and choose words accordingly. There are chances that your texts may be misinterpreted or you may be completely misunderstood when your emotions are communicated incorrectly over the virtual medium. So, no matter how exciting it feels to keep texting initially, you should give it some time to settle or else you will be quick to draw conclusions by assuming more than you should. [Read: 6 Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast And Ways To Bring It Down By A Notch]


Build real communication


It is important that your partner and you can keep gadgets out of reach when you are trying to get intimate, whether emotionally or physically. Look into each other’s eyes, talk openly and dig deeper into their communication. This way you will be able to give your relationship a stronger foundation and shape and stay in better control of the course your relationship may take. Unless you have had real communication in the real world, words won’t really help in sustaining your feelings for long. So, make sure you touch each other, feel each other’s presence and only then can you depend on texts to become an effective means of instant communication. [Read: 7 Ways to love a Gemini man for a perfect relationship!]