5 Things to consider before having a one-night stand!

Do you love the idea of sex with a stranger? Or just sex with no strings attached? Does the thought of a one-night stand excite you? In case you have indulged in one, you know the nitty-gritty involved. Some people love the idea of it whereas others are disgusted by the idea of sex with a stranger. However, this goes without saying that what happens between two individuals is completely their private matter and onlookers have no right to comment on it whatsoever. If you still haven’t dived into the experience and are still hoping to take the ride, here are a few things you need to consider before trying it. Like everything else, one-night stands come with their own set of risks.

 5 Things to consider before having a one-night stand!

Ask yourself why


Your first priority should be to convince yourself. This is probably the first question you need to ask yourself before you give one-night stands a try. Do you like the thrill of it? Or do you just want to do it because some of your friends have and you are under some kind of peer pressure? Do you wish to experience it because the movies lured you into it and you feel it is something that you just don’t want to miss? Whatever the case may be, you have to be convinced first that you want to do it. You are not answerable to anyone but yourself and whatever it is that happens as a result will be borne by you solely.


Evaluate the risks involved


You might just dump this idea of evaluation when it comes to doing something exciting. However, considering the fact that you might be getting laid with a complete stranger (If in case), you should be absolutely sure about the decision you make. This is important so that you can prevent or minimize the repercussions involved. Sex can actually create a great bond no matter how many times you must have had it. Nonetheless, it is quite possible that you may not be able to handle the emotional turmoil that are associated with a one-night stand.

Do you know that you might even be exposed to the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)? Also, the entire act may not be that great as movies have you believe because unlike them your like is not directed. So, make sure you have all the homework done before you give a thumbs up to the idea.


Will your morals be compromised?


You might wish to belittle the importance of values and morals, but we do weigh every option depending on the morals that we have inculcated. In common parlance, a one- night stand is really not accepted. In fact, if you are someone who has a strong moral conviction, you might not really like the after- effects. Although it will be thrilling  experience nonetheless. Some people feel that a one-night stand might make them compromise with their values. However, if you really enjoy sex and have no problem with what others think of you, then do what your heart tells you to.


Be sensitive to the other person

5 Things to consider before having a one-night stand! 

Those who indulge in one-night stands, do it because they feel the urge to satisfy their sexual desires. Most of the times, it is a strong desire that people find hard to control. Whatever you feel, it is always important to consider the emotions of the other person especially if that person is drunk. If your conscience stops you, listen to it. If you feel like you are taking undue advantage of the state the other person is in, avoid any sort of sexual contact. You might be filled with guilt later. Or worse, the other person might charge you with non- consensual sex. SO, be absolutely sure that both of you want to have a one- night stand voluntarily.


What sort of relationship do you share?


Are you friends or complete strangers? The connection that you share with this person should be considered without fail. If this person is a complete stranger, you might be at a great risk. What if you get emotional and want something deeper later and the person isn’t really interested?  If this person has bizarre sexual fetishes which you won’t really buy into? What if you are manhandled? And if this is a friend, did you consider the fact that it could alter the friendship? It could even destroy it if the feelings don’t remain mutual after the act? If you are the emotional kind and tend to fall for men quite easily, you might want to rethink the idea of a one-night stand.  It might come with unwanted mental stress.