5 Things to do every week to see instant changes in your broken relationship

Relationships once broken are hard to come together again. It takes time and a lot of effort. Although you can’t change things overnight, you could still do a few things to see a few instant changes in your broken relationship. Some people believe that reading books and going for couple therapies can bring in changes. Sure, but only when you are ready to work on what you learn rather than depending on time to set things right for you. When you start making the positive changes you also have to be careful that you don’t get back to old ways of hurting your partner. What you need to understand is, relationships require equal devotion just like any other full- time job. And how you do work on them depends on what you are willing to work for. Remember the time, you were chasing your partner initially? So, make that effort now when you have to keep them in your life.

5 Things to do every week to see instant changes in your broken relationship

Ask them about how they would spend their day


We are so busy with our own lives that the relationship often takes a backseat. It is important to know what is happening in your partner’s life. So, everyday, before your partner sets out for his/ her work, you should speak to them in between breakfast or anytime that you find them free to speak to you. The idea is to understand what they go through and how you can help them with anything that they require. You have to be open to make that effort to ask or else you will never have an answer or fail to create that bond by showing that you care. [Read: 16 Questions to ask your partner if you want to know him deeply]


Sit together and discuss serious issues after he comes back


While you may be tempted to do what you want or stay busy with your work, you should look excited when your partner gets back home. While you may wish to barge him with questions, you should be careful that you don’t bother your partner with all those issues that are creating problems in his/ her life during the day. It will add unnecessary stress to their life. So, let them come back home. Kiss him/ her. What you should remember here is kisses are very important. It can emote so much that words may not be able to. Let him relax while you sit with him and discuss issues. This kind of quality time is important to deal with common or individual problems together. [Read: How to communicate with your partner ?]


Show them that you admire who they are


Admiration is the number one thing that tells your partner how much you value him her. You don’t need to be making up stuff and flattering them for unrealistic qualities. That will be fake and we don’t advise that at any cost. Be genuine. Look for the positive factors. You will surely find a few which attracted you to him in the first place. Being able to look for the smallest things that make your partner unique is important. What sets happier couples apart from the broken ones is the fact that they learn how to look for traits to admire in their partner. This way you tell them that they are worthy. You communicate your appreciation. And they feel much better that their partner looks for positive traits rather than criticising them for their negative ones. [Read: How each Zodiac reacts when they have a crush on someone!]


Plan special dates


Work schedules can be maddening. People may get crazy dealing with a stressed lifestyle which reflects on the quality of relationships that they share with their loved ones. To show your partner that you care about them, make plans for a special getaway to a place they have always wanted to visit. This will take both of you out of the regular setting that has made your relationship boring. Evaluate how you have changed from the person that you were long back when you first met and try and be the same person that both of you feel in love with. Play games and ask them questions that you have always wanted answers to. If he is still interested in you, you will find a very positive reaction from his end. [Read: 20 fine dates you would love to experience with your man!]


Embrace your partner

5 Things to do every week to see instant changes in your broken relationship

If there has been some trouble bothering you, engaging in intimate moments can lighten the burden. Hug him and both of you will so much better. You will feel an instant connection when you open up. This can be pretty intense. Some couples agree to have sorted their matters after an extremely heated sex session.  You may not know unless you really try it for this is what that either of you may have been craving. Hug each other when you sleep together. Sleep naked. You might be surprised at how wonderful it feels when you are able to open up and engage without shame. [Read:5 Ways to motivate your man when he is feeling low]