5 Things to do when you have fallen in love with a friend!

,Do you feel like you have started considering a friend more than a friend? Are you confused if you should open up about your feelings or keep them buried forever? You need to be very careful in such a situation or else the real truth about his side of the story might just come in crashing on you. Sometimes it is very difficult to analyse if the feeling is even true or you are just confused. Here is a great guide to help you deal with what you can do when you are in a situation like that and still maintain your happiness.

5 Things to do when you have fallen in love with a friend!

You may have fallen in love with this friend right at the first instant you saw and may be it blossomed slowly with time when you felt like you just can’t do without him. So, all this time you might have chosen to let other women have him and you have let yourself pretend as normally as you could when he spoke about other women in front of you. You have juts feared that he might react differently in case you come out with the truth. You must be thinking about this friend almost all the time and sleeping with his thoughts as the last thing on your head but deep inside it just pains when you have to conceal your true feelings for him.


Try and analyse your feelings first


It is almost always easy to mistaken infatuation for love. You may have provided him ample hints right at the start of your friendship. Sometimes, we try to approach a person just as friend for the obvious reason that you are attracted to him and you want to take the risk. In this case, it’s wrong to call you a friend in the true sense, It are just trying to have him close to you. Whatever the situation is, your friendship might have gotten stronger now. In fact your friend might see you just as a “friend” and nothing more than that. At this point if you try and confess your feelings, he might feel like he was being used all this time. So, analyse if you are ready to accept him as a romantic partner and can carry on with the risks associated.


Is it really love?


Do you only see him as some you have been crushing on for long? Ensure that he is not just a lame crush. Are you just attracted to him solely because he looks good and is appealing to all woman? It will be very dangerous if you try and decide on confessing your feelings based on these considerations. There is always a chance that your feelings might go unreciprocated and you end up having him as a friend forever. It might be so that you only enjoy the attention that he pays to you, the shoulder that he lends but have no true feelings as such.


How do you follow with the next step?

5 Things to do when you have fallen in love with a friend!

Is the man who you like already in a relationship? In case he is, just don’t consider spoiling his love life. You will forever be the other person who broke someone’s relationship just to have your whims met. Consider this: If you were actually good enough, I guess he would have manned up to let you know his feelings. Since he did not, there is a great chance that he doesn’t consider you worthy of sharing his life with.


Be calm when you confess


You have to be very careful with your words when you choose to tell him what you feel like. You have to learn to do it subtly. To start this, flirt a little. If he doesn’t react back in the same manner, then it is a clear sign that he doesn’t like you. You can’t force yourself on him and expect him to have you in his life. So, control your tongue and make sure you don’t lash out at him just because he did you reciprocate. This puts your friendship at risk for eternity.


Hold your head high


Just because you like him and want his attention, that doesn’t mean you lick his feet like a dog. Don’t be always available for him. Make him miss you. When you find him getting affected you know that you do have some sort of care from his side. Make him need you more than you need him and that he can’t take your for granted. Don’t blame yourself to death if he doesn’t like you back. It’s not your fault if he doesn’t see you that way. Understand that you only harboured that love in your head and it was never a reality. So, stay in touch with him even he doesn’t love you back and move on.