5 Things to keep in mind if you wish to be perfect everywhere

Do you crave to be perfect in all your endeavours? All of us want to be devoid of flaws. We wish to satisfy ourselves by achieving the level of perfect that we expect from ourselves. Doing something that lacks perfect is almost equal to leaving it with flaws. That is you don’t do justice to what you started. Learning ways to be perfect is great for self-development. Do you know what distinguishes extraordinary people who average ones? It is perfection. successful hardworking people don’t leave things unfinished or don’t take up tasks for the sake of it. They meet their level of perfection. It only enhances your skill and helps you achieve better in all walks of life.

5 Things to keep in mind if you wish to be perfect everywhere

However, not everyone is born with the traits of looking for perfection and achieving it in all that they do. You can nonetheless learn them. The problem with people in general is that they want everything around them to be perfect but very few work and try and achieve perfection in their own lives. Here are a few ways in which you could work towards being perfect:


Be very focused:


It is very easy for us to lose our concentration. There are too many things that are vying for our attention. Remember when you are getting distracted, someone somewhere is working every single second. Technology has further hacked our efforts to stay focused at what we do. The harder you try to avoid distractions, it seems like they work harder to distract you more. Moreover, when you are almost there, almost close to achieving your goals, you tend to become more complacent. You procrastinate and keep piling things up for the next day. Well, honestly, you just tend to feel like there is always enough time. If you want to reap all the benefits of the hard work that you put up initially and along the way, you need to stop all distraction from finding their way into your life.


Motivate yourself


Nobody can do this for you. What they can is support you externally. But intrinsic motivation is what will drive your car longer. You can stay motivated when you can be grateful for all that you have right now. Draw out a few minutes of your schedule and read motivating stuff or watch videos. You have no idea how a little adjustment in looking at things can transform your reality. Motivation is like fuel. You have to supply that regularly if you wish to reach your goal at your own set time. It is only you who can convince himself to do things for yourself. Always keep that communication channel open so that you can evaluate what works and doesn’t depending on the time and space you are in.


Finish what you started

 5 Things to keep in mind if you wish to be perfect everywhere

Avoid leaving things halfway. If you start half heartedly, you are more inclined to do this. If you wish to achieve something remember why you even started. If you feel like your current path of action is not heading in the right direction, then change your plans. But refrain from leaving it. You can fool others but not yourself. You will only end up with a pile of regrets if you gave up working on something that you started. There is no point doing so and being unhappy later in life. Those who achieve fancy dreams, always have a fixed plan or else they have their backups ready.


Remember there will be challenges


You can’t start something great and expect to never face hindrances. It is never going to be easy. All that is worth pursuing always comes with its own set of challenges. How you deal with it is up to you. You only emerge out as a winner if you stick to your plans and be consistent every day. It is like watering a baby plant and every day, make it germinate and see it grow a little by little till it is mature enough to bear fruits. Did you not have its challenges? Of course it did! Like pests, harsh weather, lack of food due to competition from nearby tress for survival. This is the same way your life will work too.


Track your shortcomings


Don’t let your shortcoming go unnoticed. Only when you know where you are going wrong, you are in a better position to beat them and emerge out victorious. If you fail to achieve what you wanted to, then you should only treat it as an experience that will help you to chalk out a better plan in the future. Don’t let yourself stagnate at the thought to taking another step forward just because you failed initially. Learn from the mistakes of your peers as well as those you look up to. This will prepare you for the other dangers that a lurking ahead.

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