5 Things to know before you decide to cheat on your partner

Cheating is nothing new. It has been there since a long time and if you try and turn around the pages of history, you will come across numerous instances where people have been cheated on polygamy though it seems dead, people have found other methods of cheating on each other whether in subtle forms or in aggressive ways. The only thing that distinguishes the past from now is the openness of it and how it is publicised. Even though cheating has become the norm of the day there are a few things you need to know before you decide to cheat on your partner.

5 Things to know before you decide to cheat on your partner

There is no stopping once you start


Often cheating becomes an untameable habit. Everyone has a conscience, which does stop you from doing things that your morals don’t approve of. However, once you are cheat for the first time, it almost becomes a part of you. You might notice some kind of reluctance the first time you do it, but the next time gets easier. So, even if you would like to stop later, there are chances that your old habit may die hard. So, before you decide to cheat, you should weigh the affect of it on your general personality.


Women are more likely to be emotional cheaters


Women often complain of a lack of emotional connection with their partners. Men have been conditioned to appear emotionally closed. They find it relatively harder to express their emotions. Women seek an emotional connection unlike men who find physical appearance the first stage of an attraction. So, the more a man lets these gaps prevail, the difficult it is to bridge them with time. Hence, a woman might be on the lookout for someone who can emotionally fulfil her. This is why they are more likely to be emotional cheaters in comparison to men.


Cheating with a colleague is more likelier


Relationships need time to grow stronger. The more time you spend with each other, the more you are bonded with your partner. However, if you are someone who tends to spend most of his/her time with a co-worker at office, it is quite possible that you may develop a stronger connection. It often so happens that people like to be around those who are intellectually sound. If that is lacking in a partner, it is a source of irritation. In case he/ she tend to spend more time at the office, it is probable that they may develop an intimate relationship with their colleague or boss. They provide them with what they have been looking for in a relationship.


Men look for physical satisfaction

 5 Things to know before you decide to cheat on your partner

Men are visual creatures, They tend to be attracted to the physical appearance of a woman. A monotonous can be a killer for a relationship. If you are someone who has been ignoring your sex life, then it is quite likely that your partner will be looking for that somewhere else. According to Kat Herlein, PhD professor of human development at the University of Nevada, around 40 % of men look for sexual satisfaction outside their relationships. In comparison with a woman, a man tends to have better chances of cheating. This is because it is more easier to have a partner to cheat with these days. Men are more programmed to look for sexual variety than stay monogamous. These are established scientific facts though exceptional cases are almost always there.


Incest relationships can be a problem


For those of you who are new to the term, Incest means a relationship in which you have a sexual relationship with a family member or close relatives. For some people it is very common affair although most of it happens behind closed doors.This often happens as a result of broken families where people may seek a deeper relationship with someone they know better. Some people have admitted to be attracted to a particular sort of body type and it hardly bothers they who they choose to sleep with. Especially child abuse is common with the perpetrator often being an older member in the family.


Should you cheat?

This is an ethical question. Some believe that it is okay and not a big deal. But given the fact that you are hurting someone behind their back without even letting them know or working things out mutually, it is not something that you should be proud of. Regardless of how great you are at it and even if you haven’t been caught cheating. Respect for the person you are in a relationship with is extremely important and if you cannot carry on with the problems that you are facing you could just let it go. It is better to have a breakup the right way without much hard feelings rather than cheating on someone and leaving them in emotional turmoil for a long time.