5 Things to do if a man has lost all interest

Sometimes, relationships can take complete U- turns from the way you expected it to go. If it is a situation where you did all the ” right” things but nothing ever got better, then all I would say is you have a different path chalked for you as the best is yet to come. But if you are someone who has made a few mistakes which you are aware of and want to make things better, then you can definitely go ahead and do whatever is possible from your end. You may either have to make certain changes to the way you see the relationship or get into a chit chat with yourself to analyse the things in you that are sabotaging your healthy relationship. Here are a few things that would help you make the efforts in the right direction so as to get back your man’s interest in you.

5 Things to do if a man has lost all interest

Control your emotions


I understand that you might have an emotional streak and may have a hard time controlling yourself when you get affected by something. You need to realise that no matter what you blame your emotional outburst on, you still need to keep that under control. Men cannot handle emotions too well. They get confused and freak out thinking quite the opposite of what you want him to believe. Now you may feel that it is your last resort when everything else has failed and you don’t know how to keep him with you, but that’s not how relationships work. Chasing is good but not to an extent that you feel like the least important one in the relationship and he feels like a prize that you won. Let him loose and see if he comes back. That’s how you realise how much he values you.


Start seeing other men


If you have recently started seeing this guy and have “no strings attachment” to him, you should keep your senses open. If you have even the slightest signs of him losing his interest in you, then you should also try staying aloof and start seeing other potential dates. Make sure that your interest is perfectly in alignment with his. So, if he is giving you the cold shoulder, you get ahead with your life and start taking an interest in those who value you. Since you are not yet exclusively in a relationship, make the right choices. Give yourself to the one who has the intent to take the responsibility of being in a relationship and can keep his interest from falling.


Get busy with your life

 5 Things to do if a man has lost all interest

It is not necessary to be involved with dating too many men at the same. it may be so that you have other things to keep yourself busy or you just wish to have your own time alone. Do what you like but don’t nag behind him like a dog behind the bone. When you start seeing someone, whether or not you are sure about what he feels for you, you may get too involved with him unintentionally. It may be normal for you to miss out on your own life and get busy with him but that is probably one of the greatest mistakes that people make when in love. If this man shows declining interest in you, then you should also stop making him feel that your entire life revolves around him.


Accept that the timing may not be right


It is not always the man’s fault if he cannot meet your expectations. May be what you feel is a normal time for you to stay in touch with him, the very same time maybe problematic for him. This doesn’t make him bad or unworthy of your time. Be mindful of what you actually need from the guy you see long term prospects with before falling head over heels in love with that person. If you only look at the positive side and hope to change the flaws that you see in him, you are only singing up for a huge disappointment in the future. There are various sides to a person’s personality and you will never fully know a person unless you give it enough time. So, accept the fact that the timing may not be just yet right for things to take off. Give it some rest and see where that heads.


Remind yourself that you are worthy of love

5 Things to do if a man has lost all interest

Whether this man stays in your life or not, you should always have faith in your journey. Pushing and pulling things will make your issues more complex and this is the reason why you should always stay at peace with yourself before you fall in love with someone. No one can guarantee a relationship’s longevity. What matter is you and the happiness and peace that you enjoy in solace.

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