5 Things strong women won’t tolerate

Women deserve respect and love. They aren’t toys to play with. Men often tend to take them for granted and fail to treat them with compassion. Here, we list a few things any woman of strength will not tolerate.


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Strong women command respect


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Ok, this is not just about commanding, but it should naturally stand true for all women not matter how different they are, to deserve all the respect. Disrespect is the most terrible thing you can do to sabotage your relationship with a strong woman. This can mean abusing her not just privately but to make it worst, in public too. Also, trivializing her opinion surely counts as disrespect. All of us are entitled to a respectful attitude from our better halves. The best thing a man can do is treat her the way he wishes to be treated. Of course, it’s difficult to estimate what a woman expects from a man. We are all different. In order to avoid complications, it’s advisable to communicate as much as possible to know what makes both of you feel good.


Strong women dislike excessive domination



You might like to boss around everywhere but that won’t work well with the strong woman you are in a relationship with. A balanced approach is alright but if you try and overpower her all the time, your relationship is doomed. Strong women may have had bitter experiences in the past that has made them the way they are today. All of us go through the best and the worst. It’s advisable that men allow her to express and take control of her decisions. Trying to shadow her all the time isn’t a smart thing to do.


Strong women expect partners to stay in limits



A strong woman has values and principle which she respects more than anyone else in her life, perhaps. It is difficult to expect her to give them all up for a man. If she has asked her man to not repeat something which has done to hurt her in the past, he should take note of that and avoid repeating it.  She considers herself at par with her male counterpart and trying to her hurt her repeatedly with all your might is a bad, bad move.


Strong women hate insecure men


Strong women might be better than their partners. Scientifically proven, women are better multi-taskers than men. So, if she is far-sighted and ambitious, she will expect her partner to be equally supportive. It is not a question of being better than men but trying to be at par. Being a constant source of distraction is something she will not tolerate. Being with an unsupportive partner is a huge psychological burden. So, let her know your insecurities and mutually come up with solutions to sort them out. Else, it is difficult to expect your relationship to survive.


Strong women detest lack of emotional support

 7 Things strong women won't tolerate in a relationship

As science has already proven that women are emotionally more intelligent than men. They have better intuitive capabilities and can pick change in emotions, attitudes and body language. It is very difficult to hide your feelings from a woman. Women tend to compromise and adjust to in a relationship. When emotionally laden, they seek a vent to channel out their negative thoughts and receive positive vibes from their partners to lift them up. If her man is emotionally unavailable, it can blow off her mind.

So, men take note of these. And if you have been committing these blunders, make amends in order to bask in a healthy and happy relationship.


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