5 things to tell your daughter before she turns 13

5 things to tell your daughter before she turns 13

As we grow up, there are a lot of mistakes we have made but also a lot of experiences that we have acquired. Whatever we are today, we surely owe this partly to valuable lessons we learned in the past. As we reflect and dig deeper into our past, we realize that there are many times when we reacted immaturely and could have reacted better had someone warned us beforehand and told us a better way to cope up with the issues we were bound to face as teenagers. So, ladies, we all know how critical it is to teach our daughters a few things before she starts the roller coaster ride of teenage as it is a tough world out there and we must ensure our daughters grow up to shine brightly without any fears.

Here are 5 things that you must teach your daughter before she turns 13:


Feelings won’t last forever:

Yes, we all have been through this. We all have seen the world falling apart many times and then as time passes, we all have coped up and grew out of it. So, for our daughters, it might be the first time and they might feel its end of the world. So, prepare your daughter beforehand to cope up with any upcoming heart breaks. Tell her that nothing lasts forever and times do change. So, yes there are experiences that she will never forget some will be positive and others hard but in any case the pain she could feel will lessen with time.


Do not let anyone use her:

5 things to tell your daughter before she turns 13

This is extremely important to tell your daughter that when she chooses a guy to date or friends to hang out with, she must be aware if it is a relationship where the other person loves her and is not using her. Tell her to immediately walk away if it is the case. She needs to have enough self-respect to stay away from toxic people that she can meet in her life.


Sexual Harassment is not her fault:

Tell your daughter all she needs to know about sexual harassment. In a place like India, even teasing is quite common. So, tell your daughter how she must react to any kind of sexual harassment and immediately let her parents know. Tell her not to feel embarrassed or guilt as it is not her fault and make sure she never suffers in silence. Instead she has to be confident and come out of the closet and speak about it.


Value her difference of opinion:

5 things to tell your daughter before she turns 13

Tell your daughter that she does not have to agree with the other person’s view point and she can always come up with her own one. Tell her that she must never insult or humiliate someone even if she doesn’t share the same opinion. She must always keep in mind to be respectful whenever any need of argument arises. Tell her never to feel shy from expressing what she thinks and never to apologize for thinking differently.


Beauty has nothing to do with physical appearance:

Teens can be a difficult period for girls: pimples, lack of confidence and gain of weight so make sure to always remind your girl that she is beautiful! Keep her away from following any diet plans or using fairness creams. She must know that trying harder to stay lean and fair will not make her beautiful. Instead this might lead to nutritional deficiencies as teenage is a time where your body needs enough supply of nutrients to perform best. Furthermore, feeling conscious because you are not fair is also something your daughter must never experience. Make sure that she stays confident despite her looks and all because at the end of the day looks really do not matter. 



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