5 Things you do not owe anyone


Growing up in a place like India, we feel that we are always asked explanations particularly by our neighbors or relatives. There are times when they invade your personal space and make it unbearable for you to tolerate them. We all have been through situations when we were asked to give explanations and we got confused about the fact whether we must give them an explanation or not.

Here are 5 things you do not need to explain anyone:

Your personal beliefs:              

Your relationship with your creator or your political beliefs in particular will always be questioned at different occasions by people who might or might not have any relation to you. Let me tell you that you do not need to feel bad about holding a unique religious belief or personal opinion. What you believe in has nothing to do with acceptance of others. If people become too intrusive or try to preach you something else, politely tell them that you do not need any advice and you are quite confident about your beliefs.

Your financial status:

If you are not as rich as your friends or any person you meet, you do not need to feel inferior to them just because they have a better financial status. Furthermore, you do not have to explain them why you do not have the same financial status as theirs. Just be confident and have an understanding that not having enough money is not something anyone should demand an explanation for. If someone does, immediately walk away from that person.

Your physical appearance:

You have put on weight or you have become extra skinny, you have grown a beard or gone bald is nothing you should explain others. You do not owe anyone an explanation for this, always stay assured of that. Embrace yourself as you are and do not let anyone try to demand an explanation from you in this regard. Celebrate your imperfections and know that nobody is perfect and this is what makes us beautifully flawed.

Your food preferences:           

You have started eating meat or you have stopped having alcohol is something that you have a complete freedom of. You do not have to explain anyone for the new modification in your eating or drinking habits. Be courageous enough to confess it openly and do not worry about their judgment for this is your own life and you have complete liberty to do what you consider right and whether they consider it right or wrong has nothing to do with you.

Your career:

You want to pursue a career in music or you want to be a dance teacher, do not think for another second that you need to explain someone your career choice. This is your choice and no one can intervene into this matter. Have a complete understanding that other won’t have to live with the choice you make regarding your career. So, follow whatever sets your soul on fire and do not let anyone make you feel bad about this. Ever!








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