5 Things your partner wants to ask you but is too embarrassed

Communication is the key to a great relationship. It is very healthy if you can discuss almost anything and everything with your partner. In fact the more you can actually let your partner know what you like and don’t, what makes you happier and what doesn’t, the better relationship you actually share with him. This is the best way to deal with mental stress as well as miscommunication that can take a toll on your relationship.

5 Things your partner wants to ask you but is too embarrassed

However, is it that easy? Is it even the best thing to do knowing that your partner might be hurt or is sensitive about his/her past? How far can you exert yourself when you wish to know certain things about your partner which you  are too embarrassed to ask? Wanting to know things may be much easier than being able to process the truth that comes along with it. You might even drag the relationship to a breaking point if at all you get insensitive about something that your partner doesn’t expect you to discuss. Although ideally every topic should be easier to be discussed about, you will be surprised to know how many are still off limits for the majority of couples.


How do I perform in bed?


Everyone is curious to know about their performance in the bed. This gives them an ego boost. However, this has its own backlash which is why even if we want to know about it we choose to avoid the discussion completely for it can come crushing in on our ego. This is because in case your partner isn’t very satisfied in the bed, you might actually be upset about the entire issue and in case you have a habit of taking things too personally, your sex life could be badly affected.


Am I a better performer than the rest?


Yes, we do want to know if at all we do perform better or worse than the people our partners have been with. Now even if the first topic is still okay to deal with, this one is the bummer. Nobody likes to be compared or told that they aren’t better at something. Now if the performance analysis comes in comparison with others it feels like defeat. This is especially true about the exes. This is something that almost everyone is curious about but can never really muster the courage to ask. Chances are, the evaluation may either be biased or an honestly sad one.


Did you ever cheat on someone?

 5 Things your partner wants to ask you but is too embarrassed

This is a very serious issue and most people would like to avoid it completely. This is something that could bring up serious trust issues in the current relationship especially if this person is used to cheating on people quite often. Although you might be very tempted to ask, you may not be ready to learn the truth. Although it is desirable that people are honest about this issue with each other just because the other person deserves to know the truth and this has implications on the current relationship.


Do you still care about your ex?


Many of us want to know whether our partners feel anything about their exes at all. Questions like this can come up if the current relationship has trust issues. If we have a lower self confidence and are still not sure about how to go about with this relationship we might definitely consider how our partners think about their exes. Although you might be very inquisitive to know the answer to this, you must rest assured if at all your partner shows his full commitment to you and reassures you of his love.


Is there anything in me you would like to change?

 5 Things your partner wants to ask you but is too embarrassed

We are constantly thinking about how to make our relationships better. In order to have this, we might want a very honest opinion from our partners about what kind of changes they wish to see in us. Although this must be very easy to discuss about, would you really like to know if he wishes you had a better body or if you respected his opinions more or that you learn how to spend your money better? This would only feel like he is trying to control you which I am sure you would not like to know. This will only fill you with resentment and make you doubt if at all if would cheat in case you didn’t change what he wanted you to.


People have their secrets. No matter how close the relationship is. It is better some answers aren’t sought just for the sake of the relationship. In case you find it difficult to stay without getting your answers, then you could confront but that’s completely at your own risk!



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