5 Tips to Quickly Bond With Your Pet

Roughly 67% of American households or 85 million people have pets. They make our lives happy and help us relive hard moments in our lives.

There are a lot of types of pets available. Dogs, cats, and birds are the most popular. Nevertheless, you will want to be the best friend to your pet, whatever type of animal you adopt.

If you’re not a zookeeper and have zero experience building strong relationships with animals, this post will be a real treasure for you. Keep on reading and discover how to bond with your pet quickly.

Play with Pet

One of the best ways to bond with your pet is to play games together. It will engage your pet to spend time with you and gain positive emotions. Feel free to employ the basic hunting instincts that all carnivores have. Bring a tease wand and let your pet to chase an item on the end of a rope.

Having a dog, feel free to go outside with your pup and engage him with toys like frisbee or tug of war. Alternatively, you can use food dispensing toys. However, fill this type of toy with the top rated dog foods only if you want it to attract your pet.

In case your pet doesn’t want to play games and look confused, don’t force him. Let your pet get calm after changing the environment. Let him discover a new home and become accustomed.

When your pet isn’t afraid of you and a new home, feel free to exercise, and teach your dear some commands.

Become Close with Pet

The next step of bonding with your pet is communicating with your animal. You have to use all the possible ways to build a connection with your pet and become closer.

For starters, you always need to pay a lot of attention to your pet. Thereupon, if you work 12 hours a day and cannot provide enough time to your dear, try not to adopt a pet. However, if your job is pet-friendly or you work remotely, try to stay with your pet as much as possible.

Don’t be shy to watch TV-shows or cook together. Don’t forget to share some treats with your pet while cooking. Also, let your pet sleep with you in a bed and rub your dear frequently.

Note, hand-feeding is a great way to strengthen your relationships that also should be used. Unfortunately, some pets aren’t used to grabbing food from people’s hands. Therefore, you probably will need a lot of time to teach a pet to take treats from your hands.

Encourage Good Behavior

Note, a new pet doesn’t understand your rules and preferences. Also, animals don’t understand humans’ language. Therefore, you need to explain to your pet what behavior is good.

For instance, if your buddy sits while you’re cooking, treat your good boy with some food. By encouraging good behavior, you will teach your pet to act as you want to.

However, don’t yell and never release aggression on your pet if he is naughty. If you beat your pet, he will be afraid of you and never bond with you. You should become a real friend to your animal. It is the only way to bond with your dear.

Note What your Pet Likes

Remember, pets also have their desires and interests. If your buddy doesn’t want to play outside, don’t pull him using a harness. Let your pet rest. Also, don’t forget to provide your buddy with personal space in your home.

A dog may also dislike some exercises. Unfortunately, animals can hardly tell what they like or dislike. In such a case, feel free to learn the body language to understand your buddy.

Your pet isn’t supposed to like particular food just because a sign on a packaging says that. If your cat refuses eating meals that you purchase, try the best wet kitten food.

However, one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, you will need to purchase different meals and let your pet choose the best.

Take Care of your Pet

After all, you should take care of your pets. You should always provide your pet with fresh food and water. Also, clean a pet’s bowls at least once a day. Don’t forget to purchase toys and accessories for your furry friends to create a convenient environment for your dear.

For instance, dogs like chewing toys, cats require a scratching post to keep their claws sharp. Birds need a bowl with sand where they can clean their feathers and have enough space to fly. Reptiles need special conditions that imply particular humidity, temperature, and length of daylight.

Final Tip

If you want to become real friends with your pet, you need to be patient. Always share positive emotions and make your pet happy as much as you can. Also, be consistent in exercises and don’t expect your dear to understand everything from the very beginning.

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