5 Tricks to avoid death anxiety!

To come to terms with the truth of human life which is ‘death’ is heart wrenching. We all know that we are temporary here and one day we will be gone. Accepting the fact about our mortal being always lands. It is pulse rating to think that in the end we will be bidding goodbye to everything that is around us. Feelings around death are mostly similar for all but for some the anxiousness comes in their way of life. The thoughts of death circumvents their day-to-day activities and they are left in a state of fear and apprehension.

5 Tricks to avoid death anxiety!

People who experience death anxiety have thoughts that they are going to die very soon, their near and dear ones are going to suffer a fatal accident and everything is going to turn upside down. Death anxiety is a very unpleasant and disturbing experience for those who undergo it. Hope this article serves helpful for those who are going through this. Here are ways that will help you cope with death anxiety.



5 Tricks to avoid death anxiety!

The minute you think that the anxiety has sunk in, take a note pad and write down all the thoughts you witness. Write down about the surroundings you are in, who said what and scribble down everything. This will help you analyze what triggered the anxiety within you. You can compare your notes and find out things that are consistently present at the time you go through death anxiety. You will also be able to figure out about your personality and psychological stability. This will help you work on precise sentiments that lead to the trouble.



The only irreversible truth known to mankind is death. You have to be honest to yourself to discard this problem forever. You have to settle this in your mind and condition it that you are mortal and someday you will die. This fact of life doesn’t just apply to you, it applies to every single person, all your friends, relatives and family. Everyone that you know will face death at some point in time. Acceptance is the key. The faster you accept, the less you will suffer.



 5 Tricks to avoid death anxiety!

No man on this planet can evade death. Which means there is nothing, absolutely nothing that you can do to avoid your death. So your focus should be on things that you can control. If you are worried that when you die, your family won’t have enough, then you should focus on working more hard and building the amenities for them. If someone in your family is very sick, then you should help them in improving their health. You should think about altering your habits, like quit smoking, start exercising, indulge in meditation. These are things that you have control over, so focus on them.




When your mind is struck by death anxiety, try to challenge those thoughts. Start thinking about positive things that motivate you to live more. Like your parents, friends, career etc. Whatever brings drive in you, start thinking about that. Start imagining about your goals and ambitions and think  how you would feel after achieving them. This will help you conquer thoughts about death and will drag your focus to good feelings.



5 Tricks to avoid death anxiety!

Another way to overcome this fear is to get engaged in activities that make your mood light. Go and explore new events in town, plan a fun get together with friends, try something you have always wanted to try. Things that have been in your to-do list for the longest time, go and experience them. This will help you to not only deviate from such feelings but also save you from thoughts that pull you to think that eventually everything is going to end. This will help you see a broader picture and will remove your attitude of considering things futile and temporary.


Thoughts of death are common and can occur to anyone. Thinking about the process of dying can be dreadful and build a lot of negativity around you. It isn’t necessary that you fear own death, you may also fear death of someone close or keep thinking about someone already dead. Death related thoughts can be a nightmarish experience for someone undergoing it. If it hinders your everyday functioning, then you may also consider clinical help. One should then consult a psychiatrist and address the concern. Although, the above mentioned tricks can be useful to a great extent.


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