5 Tricks to make your waxing last longer!

You don’t like shaving? Never mind. Stick to waxing and learn how to make it last longer. So that you don’t have to frequently visit the parlour to get it done and shed out loads of cash in the process.

5 Tricks to make your waxing last longer!

Here are a few tips for you that will help in making your waxing last longer than usual while keeping your skin healthy and firm. You don’t require any extra effort or any extra money, for that matter, to make your waxed skin last as it is for longer. All you need to do is pay a little more attention to your skin and voila! – You’ll now have at least 30 days in hand to worry about your next visit to the parlour. Till then have fun flaunting your beautiful skin, my beauties!


It is very important to scrub your skin regularly to get rid of the dead skin cells and dirt from skin pores, which will contribute to finer hair growth and prevent in-growths, making waxing last longer.

Exfoliate your skin both before and after waxing and then hydrate it well with the use of a good moisturizer. Follow this scheme as long as you can till you go for your next hair removing session, for best and lost lasting results, along with aftercare of your skin.


5 Tricks to make your waxing last longer!

Let your hair grow out to its ultimo length and thickness, before you go for your next waxing session, because if you go for it when the hair has just started to grow, you’ll end up having only part of the hair removed, leaving chance for ingrown hair, that will soon grow into and out of the skin.


5 Tricks to make your waxing last longer!

How do you know when is the right time to wax? To avoid problems of ingrown hair and partly removed hair, try to fix a schedule, by making note of the approximate number of days it takes your hair to grow to its fullest limit and henceforth wait that many days before you make your next appointment or visit to the parlour.

But if it’s absolutely necessary for you to have your skin look completely clean, provided you have a date or a party to attend then do go for shaving but try and shave at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled appointment for waxing.


5 Tricks to make your waxing last longer!

Your skin must be well hydrated before you go out to get a waxing done. Thus, moisturize it well prior to the procedure, because dry skin tends to cause hair breakage, so that hair doesn’t get removed from the roots and re-growth will take place sooner.


There are such products available in the market, which if you apply regularly on your waxed skin, will prevent chances of re-growth sooner than usual and may also help in extending the expected scheduled period of fuller re-growth. You can get these products from online shopping sites if not in regular stores.

Also, it is better that you use organic products, to avoid any kinds of reaction to waxed skin, because waxed skin is way more sensitive and susceptible to infections and rashes.

Try these tricks to help your waxing last longer. Let us know how these work for you and whether you have any other tricks up your sleeve.