5 Types of men you shouldn’t have sex with!

5 Types of men you shouldn't have sex with!

Some men are worth drooling over. The charming and totally tempting good looks or the irresistible personality, whatever may, these men are magnetic. Getting laid with them can be an unstoppable urge but doing so might be the worst thing to do. Here are five kinda men you shouldn’t have sex with.


5 Types of men you shouldn't have sex with!

This you will definitely relate as we all meet such kinda guy at least once in our lives. This guy is the forbidden fruit if you are seeking clarity. He is the one who will wake you up from sleep at midnight and will binge talk to your for hours and the very next day not bother to even reply to a text. His hot and cold responses will only make your more and more confused.


Getting hooked up with a guy in the office the other night at the party can be exciting but it will leave you with enough awkwardness for the next day. It is always a smart decision to refrain yourself from office cuties who are flings as all you are left with in the end is clumsiness at work. I am sure you aren’t looking for any unease at work!



5 Types of men you shouldn't have sex with!

This might not be the right thing to say as we are almost stereotyping single men here. But it is always good to give it a thought that there is a reason why they are ‘always’ single. Many are just waiting to get hooked up with any pretty face and are at discomfort when relationships have to be labeled. They are commitment phobic and  a wise woman will only chose to friend zone him.



This guy is the one you will find in every club and who is crystal clearly visible in all club parties for just sex. He would just want to hook up with anybody in random willing to get laid with him. He would just care about the night. Expecting a text or call from him the other morning will be your foolishness and will only make you feel embarrassed.


5 Types of men you shouldn't have sex with!

The most tempting, illustrious and  magnetic of all. But how can you forget that you left him for a reason? It can he hard to grab control and resist his intimacy but it is harder to go through the entire turmoil again. I am sure you wouldn’t want to carry a broken heart again. Therefore, Block- Delete & Move on!


These are the 5 kind of men you should always turn your back to. Dismay , chaos and embarrassment is all that the above have to offer you and it is always good to maintain distance from such feelings. They are undoubtedly overwhelming but you must keep in mind the complications and repercussions of having sex with such men.



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