5 Ultimate Signatures Your Partner Is Not Your Soulmate!

5 Ultimate Signatures Your Partner Is Not Your Soulmate!

I remember back in my college, I dated a guy who gave me every reason why he was not my soulmate. From going on long drives with him that seemed longer than they actually were to making projects with him that seemed like they were sucking my life and blood, there was nothing that really convinced me that he was my soulmate in anyway.

I was lucky enough to get dumped by him and I didn’t even have to make an effort to call it off. The feeling of peace that I felt after I stopped seeing him was totally amazing to be put into words.

So, like my ex, your partner might also be simply your roommate and not your soul mate. Here are five ultimate signs why your partner is not your true soulmate:


  • His presence doesn’t give you feelings of calm:

If you constantly fidget and feel restless in the presence of your partner then this is surefire sign he is not your soulmate.The presence of your soulmate gives you inner calm and emotional state of peacefulness. You do not really feel hyper and jumpy all the time.


So, if you keep looking at your watch or your smartphone during your meeting then he is not the one I bet.


  • He is not someone you will always run to:

5 Ultimate Signatures Your Partner Is Not Your Soulmate!

Whenever in trouble, if you feel like calling someone else for help rather than your partner then it means, he is not someone you sense can help you out in that scenario. A soulmate is actually the candle you want to hold through the dark tunnel of your life.


If he is not the first one you want to confide in, it means you might have had a bad experience in the past of relying on him in distressful time.


  • You always have to communicate everything:

5 Ultimate Signatures Your Partner Is Not Your Soulmate!

If he does not understand what you want unless you tell it to him then there can be no other reason for that but this one that he is not your soul mate.You can always tell him when you want pizza, but if you have to tell him that you are feeling jealous of his new colleague or he should give you more time these days than he is not someone who can hear the unsaid.


  • You do not have similar views:

Having striking dissimilarities regarding your view of the world, your purpose in life, your aspirations and dreams means he is not really your soul mate. A soul mate is the one who wants the same from life that you want.

For instance, I remember my ex when I used to see the dog as a potential family member he saw it as a useless barking creature when he told me about his aspiration to fill home with everything branded, I thought it wasn’t amazing. So, if you also have such dissimilarity then time to part ways from this pseudo soulmate.


  • You consider other options:

5 Ultimate Signatures Your Partner Is Not Your Soulmate!

If your colleague shows interest in you and asks you out privately then your answer should ideally be no. In case you tell him that you need some time to think over it and then you will revert to him then it means that your subconscious is telling you that other guys are also an option. So, time to part your ways and never look back.


It is not really their fault always. It is just that they fail to establish a connection with you. You just need to make sure that the ones who are meant to be with you are your soulmates and you must keep looking for them and the trick is: when you find one, do not ‘friendzone’ him.



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