5 Undeniable signs that he is into you

Getting a man to tell you how he truly feels about you can be a difficult thing to do. Actually when it comes to men, you need to look closely at his actions more than what he has you believe through his words. Often women find it very confusing to interpret what a man truly feels about her. The fact that a man appears confused only means that he does something and verbally means something else which leads to frustration and builds up hard feelings. While being communicative is a great trait to have for you will try and solve the misunderstandings well, you need to keep this in mind that if your man doesn’t walk the talk you will feel betrayed at the end of the day. What he subconsciously does for you is way more indicative of how much he is into you and his real intentions for you. Here are a few things that unmistakably prove that he is into you:

5 Undeniable signs that he is into you

He makes efforts


If a man is seriously into you, he will make all the efforts to make his feelings known. Once you meet him, you are not obligated to please him. You should do what you do in your daily life instead of chasing him. If he likes you enough, he will do things and make you feel like he wants to meet you and spend time with you again and again. A man will not be in touch unless he is serious about you. Now if you are his booty call, then that is definitely not an effort where he is expecting something concrete with you. You are just someone he is playing around to have sex. While he may or may not be adept at planning quite the elaborate date that you might expect but what matters is the little things that you will notice which will tell you that spending time with you is something that he will always squeeze out his time for.

He is in a great mood when you are around


When a man is truly into you, he will always look happier; calm and composed with you. Everyone will always want the good in their lives and avoid in whichever way possible everything that gives off bad vibes. If you give him all the positivity that he appreciates, he will forever want to have your around. He will smile more and occasionally joke about things just to have your interest in him going higher. If he is uncomfortable, you will understand that he fidgets more and won’t be able to relax or make excuses to take a leave. Yes, there are exceptions to this too. If it is just the first time you are meeting, he may be a little nervous which is quite normal and you should have no problem with that. But if subsequent meets too make him uncomfortable, then he is definitely not enjoying your company.


He will be consistent


If a man is truly interested in you, he will make sure that he is touch with you in a consistent way. Not like it will seem creepy and you will be turned off. But if you reciprocate in the like manner, he will make sure to connect with you consistently. He will definitely chase you and make you feel important and special. Now if you are distant and act like he doesn’t matter, don’t expect him to wag his tail and do as you say. If you show some care and behave in a dignified way with someone who deserves your respect, he will definitely be consistent in whatever he does for you.


He lends you his ears

5 Undeniable signs that he is into you

When a man is into you, he will always make sure that you are heard. He will listen to all that you have to say patiently. Whether he agrees to that or not is a different story but he will still make sure that you have someone to speak with. When a guy is careless about you, he will never pay attention and make excuses for that. He won’t really bother about the things that you told him fear you the most. He won’t want to know how your day went. He will stay in close contact with you and be there whenever you need him if he is seriously interested. If a man is listening to you closely and looks you directly in the eye, he is paying attention to you.


He lets you into his close circle


When a man is into you, he will introduce you to his friends and family like you matter the most to him. When you are with a man who isn’t really interested he will segregate things and make you feel like you don’t belong to his core circle which includes people he trusts and has grown up with.


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