5 Ways to avoid distractions in life!

 5 Ways to avoid distractions in life!

Distractions are common. So common, that it can occupy you the whole day feeding on your time and energy, starving your goal and at the end leaving you empty handed with zero output. So if you are distracted most of the time, there is nothing to worry about it; just a phase and happens with all. All you got to do is just follow these 5 golden rules to put your life on a distraction free track!



One of the basic reasons for distraction is an aimless life. As it is rightly said “An empty mind is devil’s workshop” and so this aimless mind makes you start wondering about the unwanted, and you start wasting your time, a lot of it. This when followed for a stretch of a time, eventually leads us into getting habitual and easily falling  prey to distractions. Thus the most important way of preventing distractions is to keep your mind occupied by setting goals.



5 Ways to avoid distractions in life!

As it is in human nature, a person can’t stick to anything for long and thus a long term goal becomes much harder to achieve eventually leading to distraction. Thus to prevent it you could break your aim into small goals making it easier to stick to short goals. And it’s comparatively easier to shift your mind among these short goals without getting distracted than sticking to a vast one.



Even the completely occupied mind gets diverted if not rewarded. And as it is rightly said that the reward for work well done is an opportunity to do more. So don’t hesitate from rewarding thinking it to be a wastage and start rewarding yourself with short breaks this is not only going to prevent distraction but would also refresh your mind and encourage you to perform more.



5 Ways to avoid distractions in life!

As said by our ancestors meditation is the medicine for deep rest. It’s not only going to help you get rid of distracting thoughts and emotions but also help you learn better about yourself and thus proves to be a strong hand in helping tackle your distractions. Meditation of 10- 15 minutes will prove to be helpful enough to achieve your targets.



Rules are meant to be followed as they are a very powerful tool to prevent distraction if properly followed. It’s the rules that define you and rules that would protect you forever. Though you can change rules with time but not vary them according to your mood. So start making strong rules that you feel should be a must to keep you on track and decide on their expiry.


So now it’s the high time to say good bye to distraction that has till now prevented you from achieving what you were capable of. Let the distraction pack its bag and these 5 golden rules would help you escort them to airport for their last flight from your life port.



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