5 Ways to avoid painful periods

5 Ways to avoid painful periods


Those who say that period cramps are not that painful definitely need to experience them for once! While those few days give you a series of problems like loose motions, vomiting and upset stomach…… your immunity is also reduced to a great extent making you feel lethargic all day. And God help those mood swings! But did you know that you might yourself be the reason behind making your periods more painful…?? Don’t worry….. here are few things you must know in order to make your menstruation an easy peasy process. Say ‘hi’ to Happy Periods!


  • Never skip your meals!

5 Ways to avoid painful periods


Many women tend to have a lesser will to eat during these days. Doesn’t matter if you feel your stomach full and bloated, you must not skip your meals. Avoid eating spicy junk foods and take a balanced diet containing the required share of Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins. Consume seasonal veggies and fruits enriched in vitamins and minerals. Fishes as sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, fibrous foods like broccoli and Magnesium containing foods like bananas and pumpkin are known to cause relief during PMS.


  • Avoid strenuous work-outs!

5 Ways to avoid painful periods


Some of us may be fitness-freaks who never want to ditch the gym even during this period of time. So for them it’s okay to go on with their regular dose of work-out provided they do it under expert supervision. But normally it’s good to take a break from any kind of exertion that may cause vascular congestion in the uterus resulting in excessive menstrual flow. As you already feel down these days, letting your body have the needed rest is a good way to make the periods less painful. Although, some kinds of Yoga are advised to relieve period-related annoyingness like anxiety, fatigue, and headaches.


  • Say ‘yes’ to sanitary pads and ‘no’ to clothes!

5 Ways to avoid painful periods


In ancient times, when sanitary pads were not easily available, women used to take cotton clothes as thesubstitute. But this problem has been eradicated on a massive level with the help of policies of the government and several NGOs. Clothes are easily exposed to dirt and pathogens and when you use them to absorb the menstrual blood, they tend to cause infection in the vaginal areas. They are also coarse causing rashes in your sensitive parts. On the contrary, sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups are made keeping all the hygienic aspects in mind.


  • Avoid staying awake all night!


Menstrual problems don’t usually let the girls sleep with ease. But surrendering to this challenge and staying awake all night is one of the deadliest mistakes you could commit to make those days even harder. There’s no bedtime like the one we have at night. So, try to stay relaxed and give your body some sound sleep during this time. Taking bath with lukewarm water before going to bed might just make your nap more pleasant.


  • Avoid sex without protection!


5 Ways to avoid painful periods

There’s always been a lot of fuss over sex during periods. While our ancient beliefs normally advise us to avoid sex during this time, doctors say to just go for it if you feel the urge. So, the choice is totally yours. But forgetting about protection is a big no. According to the studies, the cervix is more open during this time of month (which allows the blood to pass) so you have a slightly higher risk of infection from exposure to a sexually transmitted disease during unprotected sex. Moreover, your ovulation may also overlap with your periods sometimes, so in case you’re not looking forward to get pregnant…..better use contraceptive barriers while performing the task.

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