5 Ways to avoid patriarchy from bothering you!

The octopus of patriarchy must be stopped from spreading its tentacles around. Domestic violence, child marriages, dowry and unequal pay for equal work are all outcomes of this cruel institution that considers women as inferior to men.


Shunning patriarchy by embracing feminism has become the talk of the town but is mere awareness enough to combat the issue? One must look for practical solutions to stop patriarchy from bothering them.


  • Defend yourself

Do you always bother your father or brother to accompany to the market at night? The recent spurt in cases of molestation is an indication of how ill-equipped women are to practice self-defense. Learning a few solid punches will ensure no passer-by dares to mess with you. Not only will it give you a sense of safety, it will help you shun the notion that women are weak and need a man to protect them every time they venture out alone.


  • Make use of technology

5 Ways to avoid patriarchy from bothering you!

The advent of smart phones and internet has totally altered the way information is perceived and grasped. Learn the nuances of technology to achieve a sense of independence. Do you feel like eating something? Order it online. There is a range of apps that help you satiate your hunger sitting at home. Watch YouTube videos and learn the art of fixing leaking taps, replacing old bulbs with new ones and what not? Shun patriarchy at the click of a button.


  • Read as much as you can

Books are a storehouse of knowledge waiting for you to discover them. Reading books can broaden your horizon and satiate your hunger for knowledge. Read about inspirational women who stood defiant against all odds and emerged victorious in their respective fields. They didn’t allow patriarchy from bothering them. Reading blogs is another alternative. There are a plethora of women’s blogs that offer solutions to almost every known problem that a woman faces in her lifetime. Read such blogs and avail the opportunity to grow as a person.


  • Interrogate

5 Ways to avoid patriarchy from bothering you!

There are a lot of myths, stereotypes and biasness surrounding our gender. Why allow them to nurture? Question every sexist remark that your neighbor makes. Hold discussions in your house revolving around the place a woman occupies in the Indian society. Ask your family the meaning of some rituals that specifically aim at demeaning women. Use your family time as a golden chance to know their perception about matters pertaining to gender. This habit of questioning everything that targets women will ensure that the people close to you do not upset you with their derogatory remarks. You can play an important role in building a community that believes in gender equality and is feminist in nature.


  • Support other women

5 Ways to avoid patriarchy from bothering you!

I am an ardent believer of the fact that there are a number of dormant feminists that need unequivocal support to help them realize their true potential and come out of their cocoons as independent bold women. This can be achieved by helping them become comfortable in their skin. We rise by lifting others and giving someone the gift of confidence is a great way to start with. Be an inspiration to other women and show light to all those trying to wriggle out of this institution of patriarchy.


Patriarchy is a mindset which must be transformed. Not accepting the ideology behind it is the first step towards establishing a world that is equal for both men and women.


Image Courtesy: Instagram Account: withlovemissd


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