5 Ways to become irresistible to a man!

Have you been looking for answers on how to be irresistible to your man? Do you wish to make him want you 24/7? You may be obsessed about you man almost 24/7 but do you think he loves you back the same way? Are you confused if both of you are actually on the same page? Here are a few ways in which you could drive you man crazy about you. With these tips you will surely be thinking about you the whole day. Women tend to be generally more giving when it comes to love. Men hold back at times. Initially everything seems pretty much rosy and the feelings seems very mutual. The first meet, the first kiss can never be felt again with the same intensity. But if you do work on the tips mentioned, you can prolong the effect of the those beautiful moments.

5 Ways to become irresistible to a man!

Men tend to think in a unidirectional path. Understand that they don’t feel the way we do, they don’t think the way we do neither do they love the way we do. This should be clear right at the start. For every issue they tend to look for a single solution instead of the multiple directions that women seek solutions in. When you don’t call him or don’t receive his calls, he simple understands that you are busy. Unlike us they don’t think that we the least bit interested or are trying to ignore them. So, dealing with the situation in which you would like to keep your man hooked on to you is pretty much simpler.


Keep yourself occupied


You might be always ready to receive his call right at the first ring. But hold that urge for some time. Don’t make him feel like you have nothing better to do than wait for his calls 24/7. Get your mind away from him for a few hours in the day. This is not just healthy for your personal development but also to make the relationship flourish in the long run. When he knows that you are busy, he will be looking for moments to steal your attention. This way, he will be thankful when he can finally have your time exclusively for him.


Stay aloof


Women tend to get very affected by the littlest of changes in a man’s behaviour. In the process, we end up giving a lot more attention to men than they deserve. If he forgets to call you back, if he dumps his plans with you on a particular day, if he hurts you unintentionally sometimes; act like it doesn’t affect you at all. If you nag and pester him with your questions he will only consider you a bugger. Let him realise that he needs to make efforts. Men don’t really make relationships the centre of their lives. So asking them questions for the smallest details is like a silent killer.


Pay attention to how you look


This might not be something you were waiting to hear. But trust me, men are visual creatures. A smoking hot woman is an obvious turn on. It does affect them when they see you at your best. Try changing your attire or get a makeover and see how he reacts. You will wish you had done this long back. The initial series of impressions need to hit the bull’s eye. Unless they do, it is hard to have him cling to you for long. Invest in good clothes and look you best. Your man will flaunt you when his is with you and will never let you move away.


Rule in the bedroom

 5 Ways to become irresistible to a man!

Be a tigress in the bedroom. Just don’t keep your hands off the moment you see him. Touches have a wild effect. Show him how much you crave his body. The more you can convince him about this, the more he will come back to satisfy you. A man likes his lady to take control in the bedroom at times. This not just leads to an extra bit of excitement but also relieves him of the pressure of performance at times. The more you heighten his interest in you, the more irresistible you become. He can’t help but think about you the whole day.


Make him feel good


Everyone wants to feel great about themselves. This is not rocket science. Just like you like to be pampered, the same goes for men too. You should start complimenting your man more often. Do that and you will see the difference in his behaviour. Look him in the eye, touch him more often, rub his back when he is feeling low. These habits will show your sensitive side to him. If you can do all of these he will realise what a true gem you are and how grateful he should be to have you around.