5 Ways to have better oral sex!

It is rightly said that unless you ask for it, you aren’t going to receive it. This is suitable for your bedroom scenes very aptly. You won’t really get some lusty action down there without a few grains of demands.

5 Ways to have better oral sex!

No girl would like to disagree that when his tongue does the talking there, it is altogether a magical feeling. If your night shows do not really leave you mesmerized and breathless, then you definitely require some amendments in your sessions. Here are some really effective ways to improve your oral sex sessions-


Sext first: 

This works wonders. Sexting will give him the perfect idea as to what you are expecting on bed with him tonight. This will engage you in talks and will ignite the spark well before you guys even take your clothes off.  You guys can exchange hints if you wish to experiment anything wildly new.


5 Ways to have better oral sex!

Although not all men are approving of this as they like to be their own master. But you still can be the naughty mistress and guide him if his tongue does not really travel in your desired directions. A slight to the right and a little up…ah! Your lustful reactions can be an additional charm to the whole session.



When you have decided to take the lead, you also need to ensure that your moves do not send rude signals to him. He would wish to be corrected by you but with love and affection. If you do not like his moves, be a smart critic and send out your message by applying the constructive criticism rule wherein you deliver a compliment to him first and then ask him to switch. The basic idea is to sugarcoat the instructions so that his sentiments aren’t hurt.


5 Ways to have better oral sex!

Wouldn’t it be a splendid idea to make use of those jobless hands when your vagina is getting some steamy pleasure down there? Use your hands to play with his yourself by smoothly caressing your boobs. These actions can be really hot when he is at work. So get creative and make use of your hands to add that extra spark.

Vouch yourself an orgasm and go for it

Some odd times all your efforts can go in vein and he just might not comprehend your instructions competently. During such situations, be ready to move it. Lift your hips and move it around if you think he isn’t able to trace the right spot. This will instantly charge your partner and he will put his mouth lines to some grinding for the victory.
If you wish to spice up your oral sex then these tips are a must try. You simply cannot afford to miss out on these super simple and effective ways to make your nights super glamorous. These ways are friendly and also eliminate the chances of making it mechanically corrected. You simply have to dwell into the moment and  just be a little smart while being at the receiving end of explicit joy of his tongue twisting!


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