5 Ways to bond with your parents despite a busy schedule!

You cannot deny the fact that you owe your existence to your parents. Agree or disagree, but this is the ultimate truth. Regardless of the kind of issues you have with them, they deserve your utmost respect. As kids you were a dependent and you loved everything that they did for you. They got the best that they could afford just so that you don’t have to bother about yourself much. As you grow older and start having a life of your own, it is quite easy for you to neglect them.

No matter how old you are and where you go, your parents will always want to know about you and send you gifts just to see you happy. Though you may not acknowledge the very sacrifices they make for you and might even consider them an additional baggage, there are those too who are moved and always remain grateful. So, the question is how do you still show them the same care and love that you did when you weren’t independent enough to take care of yourself? How do squeeze out time from your busy schedule to express your gratitude?


Make quality time your priority


Ensure that no matter how little time you can make out for them, it is fulfilling. They don’t expect you to spend on them or just send out gifts routinely. They want to see more of you and get to connect with you. Give them your undivided attention when you are with your parents. Show them how much they matter to you. See that you don’t make them feel like a formality. Express how much you wait to see them as much as they do.


Never forget to be grateful


Whatever you know today is because they laid the foundation strong. You may have learnt things later but you shouldn’t forget that the first step you took, the first alphabet you learnt is only because they chose to give the best to you. Most of you may have gotten whatever you wanted, whatever you asked, and not just what you needed. That is only because of your parents and you can never thank them enough. You can’t pay them back for the endless nights they have stayed awake just to keep you safe, for the food that they gave you even if that meant they went hungry for that night.


Learn to forgive and forget


Agree to the fact that parenting is the toughest and the most thankless job out there. What your parents did for you was to ensure that you don’t go through the trouble they may have been through in their childhood. If at all you felt neglected because they were busy working, you need to understand that it was all so that you could go to a good school, so that all your whims could be met and you could have the best education in the future. If you still harbour resent and bitterness, you must talk about your problems and know their side of the story. Chances are the problem is resolvable.


Help them in household chores


Just because your parents act strong that doesn’t mean they can labour as much as they could when you were young. They might expect some rest and deserve to have work-free days too. Offer some help whenever you can. Whatever little you can do will make them happy. Doing that will make them feel like you actually care about their well being. This is particularly great if your mom is unwell and needs rest. Help your dad out with his work. He will really appreciate it if you show an interest in what he does. If he likes gardening, give him a hand at it. You will surely connect with him on a much deeper level than you actually thought of.


Stay in touch

If you stay separately or live in a different country, let them know what’s happening with your life.  No matter how old you get they will always be worried and will stress about you. Let them know how the place is, how your office is like, and whatever you would like to share. They don’t really expect you to tell them the very details of the day but keeping them aware of what you do will make them feel important. When you land in some trouble, count on them for they will always be the most harmless people you could ever have. There is no one in the world who wants the best for you other than your parents. You could trust them blindly without doubt. If you are married and have kids make sure your children love and respect them. Just do whatever it takes to give them the best. Don’t have regrets for you may never have the time to get back lost days.