5 Ways to check depleted motivation

 5 Ways to check depleted motivation

There are days when we are unmotivated to do anything. There is no mental energy to engage ourselves in any productive task. Such days are common and we all face it sometimes. But some people tend to feel that their energy reservoirs are always empty and they face depleted motivation phase. This phase leaves you with no spark to participate in life.

The good news is that there are ways through which you can kill this phase and emerge into a fully drive equipped and positively driven phase in your life.




Gratitude opens the doors to life that is fulfilling and content. When we are surrounded by ungratefulness and we don’t really feel enough about anything in our life and always crib about it, life turns into a strange place. It is important to be grateful for what you have in life else you will be in a constant state of grudge and dissatisfaction. This will eventually leave you with no motivation in your life and you will never have the urge to make your life better.



5 Ways to check depleted motivation

Envy in a person is like poison, it can drag you down to a feeling of nothingness. Conquering your envious side will attain you victory in bringing back the lost motivation. The best way to kill envy is stop the comparisons you make with other people. For instance, just because somebody is sharing a highlight of their life on social media which could be a picture where they are having oodles of fun doesn’t mean they have a better life than you. By being envious, you get blinded to notice the growth in your life and keep bragging about other people’s happiness. You need to agree that until you stop being inferior about other’s lives you will never be able to construct a better one for yourself.



5 Ways to check depleted motivation

Not many people acquire the fabulous personality trait of being patient in life. The impatient nature in humans simple means staying burnout all the time. Impatience only encapsulates a weary outlook even towards something worthwhile. The brain of an impatient soul is always dwindling between multiple thoughts which results only in unproductivity. You will only be able to produce quality work when your mind maps the tasks and focusses on it. Failures can make you impatient but to keep going you must be patient with yourself.



The best and probably the only way I think there is to let not the motivation vanish is to take actions just as you plan something. Usually what happens is that an idea erupts, you discuss about it with your mates and you make a plan. A does goes by but what you don’t do is to take action to make that idea form into reality. This small lapse is what kills the motivated you. Procrastination will only lead to procrastination, therefore, don’t do it!



5 Ways to check depleted motivation

It is a fact that the less you need to succeed, lesser will be the motivation. A person who wishes to succeed in a task must have a triggering force acting from behind that pushes him towards his goals. Without that activation, motivational hormones are not instigated to perform and hence, there is no delivery of prolific effort. The ability to do this can also come from an introspection session or by just putting something valuable at stake. Stakes create the drive in our heads to make things happen!


Your depleted motivation is just a phase and you can restore it with these few important insights. No scientist ever proposed a secret tonic that keeps a person motivated forever. You have to keep recharging yourself with positive notions in life.



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