5 Ways to choose your words for a better relationship

The way you communicate with your partner can make or mar your relationship. No matter how strong your relationship is, if handled with no care, it will crumble like it never existed. So, you have to be really careful about the words that you choose to convey your emotions and whichever point that may be. There are many ingredients of a successful relationship. While gestures are important to make your partner feel important, you can’t undermine the power of your words which have perhaps the strongest effect when it comes to keeping the spark alive.

5 Ways to choose your words for a better relationship

The words that you choose with your partner can have a tremendous effect on the way he/ she look at you and even conducts their own life while in a relationship. How they feel around you owes a lot to the way you communicate. If you choose your words carefully your partner can feel so motivated and even become better each day. With the wrong choice of words he/ she can lose confidence and even their feelings for you might wane out. Here are a few ways in which you could use your words effectively for a better relationship.


Try and listen to what they have to say


Often, we choose not to listen to what others have to say. Voicing our opinions seems easier rather than trying accommodate what the other person has to say. The next time you confront your partner, listen first. You may not agree with all they have to say but you should at least give them the idea that you are genuinely paying attention. Most issues crop up when you act like your partner’s opinions hold no value and worst, they can sense that from your body language. Try and show them why you disagree by posing constructive questions instead of paying no heed to what he/ she has to say. This way you act like a team and have a constructive way of looking at things. [Read: 6 Ways to make him feel important if you are fiercely independent]


Be careful when in public


While you should be respectful of each other even in private spaces, it is even more important that you are further careful when you are in public. Public humiliation cannot and shouldn’t be tolerated.  While humour is okay but black humour is not. Don’t make your partner feel like they don’t do anything better than you. When you do this in public it makes them very uncomfortable with you around. Let them socialise the way they want to. You don’t need to poke your nose everywhere on how they should be conducting themselves. You could offer your suggestions in your personal space but displaying your contempt for them in public is downright disrespectful.


Appreciate them

5 Ways to choose your words for a better relationship

While it’s okay to be critical of our partner at times, you should learn to balance it with genuine compliments. Try and tell them about those traits that you have always been a fan about. When you give them the space to feel comfortable around you, they will confide in you more about their feelings. Only pointing out the negatives will make them feel unappreciated and uncared for. With time, they will choose to hide their mistakes because they will fear being negatively judged by you. [Read: 7 Ways to talk to a guy to make him like you instantly]


Make up after each fight


It is not always easy to control the intensity of your fights. After all we are humans. We make mistakes. What matters is if you realise where you went wrong and apologise for what you said. What we miss out is the fact that hurting each other gets you nowhere. You lose and win in a relationship together. Its okay if you have to apologise. You partner will love you no matter what.  So, keep that ego aside and make up after each fight. [Read: 15 Zodiac combinations that fight the most!]


Know when to voice your concerns


We can sometimes get pretty selfish about our issues but it is important that you should keep the timing right. Avoid complaining and ranting when your partner is already bogged down by his own struggles. Those days when he comes up telling you he has had a bad day, you should not tell him how good your day was. Instead empathise with him and try being sensitive while dealing with what he has to say. There will always be a next time when you can share your good news, but not when he is having a hard time. Also, if you are having a hard time too, don’t go with all guns blazing to give him the impression that he is making your life miserable. You will end up making him feel terrible and the harshness of your words may be difficult to erase. Try and fill your relationship with positivity. There will be troubles often, but if you see the broader picture of your relationship all the negativity will seem much smaller. [Read: 6 Ways to create strong and lasting friendships!]