5 Ways to cuddle with a woman after sex!

Time and again, women have complained about men being complacent after sex and concluding orgasm as the end. The most important part of sexual intimacy is cuddling. Several researches have said that cuddling to women is as important as foreplay. Cuddling is a post-sex reward for every relationship and ignoring it could be the biggest mistake you are making on bed. One way you can assure that she will come back to you for more is cuddling. While you ignore it and go off to sleep, she is hoping that you would make efforts for some post-sex intimacy. Cuddling enhances the overall sex experience and makes it very pleasurable.  A woman’s body is flooded with oxytocin after sex, which is why they long for affection.

5 Ways to cuddle with a woman after sex!

While some men really don’t feel it is important, some do invest in it. However, there are ways to cuddle a woman. In this article, we are going to cover all the tips and tricks you need to learn to be pro at post-sex intimacy. Here we go!



She wants to sign up for the hugs and caressing but that does not mean you have to put her through the obnoxious smell coming out of your armpit. She likes you but she hates your armpit odor, keep that in mind. Keep your armpits clean. Use roll-ons and deodrants if your underarms get too sweaty. This can actually be a major turn off if you guys are planning for a second round.



While you rest her head on your shoulders, make sure that you haven’t stuffed her face with your muscles or the blanket you guys are in. You may just be blocking her breath and she will be feeling claustrophobic. You don’t want that, right?



Instead of resting her head on your shoulders, place it on your chest. So that she doesn’t feel uneasy and she has ample space to breathe as well as rest her head comfortably. She will also get a very secure feeling while she sleeps on your chest. This is indeed a very pleasing and caring gesture to show to a woman.




5 Ways to cuddle with a woman after sex!

Don’t think cuddling is a baggage, instead enjoy every moment of it. You should make sure that you do not make cuddling appear as a formality after sex. Cuddling is to improve the bonding between partners, both sexual and emotional. So make sure the right sentiments are being put across. You must indulge in cuddling at least for six minutes. Anything less than that is unceremonious.




No girl will ever take a step back from admitting that she doesn’t like getting compliments. It is not just a very charming thing to do but also helps in unblocking insecurities that she may have about how she looks on bed. Most women feel vulnerable after sex and hence, post-sex intimacy is like an assurance of affection and companionship. Cuddling should also involve a sweet compliment. It could be just anything, example, ‘I really appreciate that you wore your new lingerie for me’ or ‘Your smile is the second best thing about you after your lips’ or anything that you think would make her happy.




5 Ways to cuddle with a woman after sex!

After sex also she wants to be felt desired and one of the prominent ways to make sure is through your touch. Your touch can tell a million things about you. It can tell how much you are fond of her or what might be running in your mind. Slid your fingers into her hand or rub her back. Kiss her forehead or simply use your fingers gently to detangle her hair. These things are very powerful in building a sense of protection in her mind. Your touch can ensure her about your love and care that you have for her.



Cuddling is a post sex reward that you give to your relationship. It is an opportunity to enhance your emotional connect with your partner. It fuels your relationship with fondness for each other as well as attachment. Both partners have higher chances of fostering a benevolent attitude towards each other and it bridges the gap if you haven’t been communicating well.