5 Ways to date confidently

Dating someone is quite an exciting affair. The first meet is like no other. As much you may be nervous, you are also excited about it. When you have been thinking about someone seriously and you have for long been wishing that he/ she says ‘yes’ to go out on a date with you, you will obviously hope to stay as prepared as possible so that you can nail the first meet. Quite commonly, you will be looking forward to setting the right impression so that you are likeable and can set the tone and pace to see him more often.

5 Ways to date confidently

This can be a pretty scary situation for those who already have a low self confidence. Whatever your situation would be like on the first date, rest assured, he is going through the same state. So, relax and  don’t stress so much. He is human too and will like just the way you are. Nonetheless, state your boundaries while on a date so that he is clear about your inhibition sand where you would like him  to draw the line. Here are a few things that you could do to start dating more confidently and present the best version of yourself to create a great first impression.

Plan way ahead


It is important that for any endeavour to succeed you should plan way ahead so that you are better prepared to avoid the unavoidable circumstances. When you plan a date, you will obviously try and make all the necessary arrangements so that you are not burdened at the last moment. This will also help you adjust to sudden changes. So, when you have sometime in hand, you should try and work on your flaws that can be doable in the said time that you have. Try and make time to understand yourself. This is very important if you want to be as genuine as possible while dating. When you are confident about yourself, you can make a better impression.


Stay away from negativity


On the agreed date, you should keep yourself away from anything that lowers your morale or your self esteem. Say ‘No’ to people that drain your energy. You should be able to give your best that day which means that people who try and pull you down should be as far away so that you don’t see a dip in your self- confidence. Meditate, listen to good music or do anything that uplifts your mood. What matters is your happiness at every situation. When you are content yourself, you will automatically give away a positive energy that will instantly make the other person like you. [Read: 8 Ways Emotionally Strong People Deal With Difficult People]


Work on what you would wear

5 Ways to date confidently

As far as possible, invest in clothes that are presentable. In order to create the first impression, you should dress well. Not just should this reflect your fashion sense but also the kind of effort that you put in dressing up shows that you care. Be aware of the setting that you will be in and dress appropriately. It isn’t a great idea to impose your loud dressing ideas in a situation that doesn’t demand for that. Good clothes give you confidence. So, when you yourself feel better looking at your reflection in the mirror, the person you will date is bound to get attracted to you. [Read: Sexy outfits to wear on romantic nights]


Ditch your shortcomings


Everyone has flaws. What matters is how we place and them and where we choose to cover them up depending on what the circumstance demands. Relax when you are confused or find it difficult to put forward your ideas. Get your words together and then converse. It is okay to pause and analyse before talking than making a complete fool of yourself. If your date is sensitive, he will double his efforts to calm you down. But let him see your flaws if he tries and scrutinises but make the effort to show him the best that have to offer. Rather than trying to enlarge your shortcomings and justifying them to gain sympathy, work on your positives and show them to him. There is nothing like a woman who is confident of herself and can embrace her flaws. Remember, confidence is sexy! [Read: Why you won’t let love in based on your Zodiac!]


Flash your brightest smile


A smile is your greatest weapon when you meet people. If you want to win them instantly, you should smile It feels warm and people find acknowledgement in you smile. If you are shy and self- absorbed most of the time, you could practice smiling. Your smile your make a person feel lively. You will feel more confident each day when you practice smiling every day, either looking at the mirror or by practicing it directly with people you know. When you look happy you assure the other person of the value of their presence.

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