5 Ways to deal with a workaholic partner

A workaholic partner can be a real trouble, at times… we all do agree. But like the grey shade of life, they are a stark reality.
5 Ways to Deal with a Workaholic Partner
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If your partner is affectionate, caring, honest, and a responsible guy, you cannot dump him on the ground that he works too much and hardly gives you time to manage your family or pass the time better.

Rather, it is better to learn some tricks that will help you to cope amicably with his workaholic nature and work-addicted daily routine.


Stop Being Nosy And Demanding

The first thing you need to do is to stop nagging on your part. More you demand from him, he will go away from you. You need to understand his work routine from his viewpoint as well.

If he is in a demanding job, or he is putting his effort to keep your family’s future secured, then you need to extend your hand of cooperation instead of acting like a demanding partner.

One of the best ways to deal a workaholic partner is to understand/assess his intention behind such unending work addiction.


Treat Him Affectionately

Whenever he is back from his work, shower him with unconditional affection. Give him a cup of lemon tea or massage him lightly on his back. This will stimulate his energy level and your touch therapy will ignite the love and affection you are brewing for you emotionally.

Your affection will help him to unfold his worry or insecurity in front you. Once he becomes open to you about his work addiction, maybe you can sort out some amicable solution of it.


Spend Quality Time When You Are Together

5 Ways to Deal with a Workaholic Partner

Instagram Account: jimmycruze

This is one of the most effective ways to retain a loving control on your partner no matter he is workaholic or not. Do not stress on quantity but on the quality of the time you two spend together.

Spending quality time together will help you to make yourself irresistible and that is a natural way to attract your partner toward a positive lifestyle. This is a simple-to-sound remedy but mastering it can be challenging.

You need to revitalize your stamina level to that extent where your partner will be stimulated to spare time from his work to spend with you.


Make Some Unsaid Routine

Most amicably involve your partner in some domestic responsibility by making an unsaid routine. That may be related to your kids, or about marketing for home, or in your routine cleaning spree of the house.

Never exert pressure on him, but gently remind him of his part of the job. He will slowly come out of his work obsession.

Don’t force him to alter his routine according to your schedule, but lovingly use your family bonding to help him in coming out of the shackles of over-commitment at work.


Enjoy Some Tech-Free Time

5 Ways to Deal with a Workaholic Partner

This is perhaps the hardest part of the process, but you need to implement this rule very softly. Ask for a time when your workaholic partner will not attend any media contact or techy gadgets. No mail checking, no phone call to attend, and not even checking the social feeds in social networking sites. Keep it for 10-15 minutes initially and then slowly extend it up to 45 minutes.

Once your partner will be mentally prepared to take a break from work, he will learn to streamline his tasks for better work management.

Before you start these ways to cope with a workaholic partner just take 2 minutes time for self-introspection. Ask yourself:

  • Am I not getting enough attention?
  • If he is not as attentive he was?
  • The work-addiction is affecting your relationship?

If the answer to these questions is ‘NO’, accept the workaholic nature of your partner. Or else, if yes, try the 5 remedies mentioned here for an amicable solution of your problem of coping with a workaholic spouse.



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