5 Ways to enjoy sports with your man!

5 Ways to enjoy sports with your man!


The most common conflict in a man’s head on a Sunday—Sports versus his significant other. It’s tough for him to choose and even tougher for the woman in question to understand why. It is quite understandable for the woman to feel the second fiddle to her boyfriend’s sport obsession. Some women admit that they do their own things when their guy watches sports. Some women force their way in, without really understanding or enjoying the sport and often the guys can see through this forced intention, which pisses them off even more. But there are ways to work this out. Engaging in sports is a huge turn on for the guys and a very good way to bond with him over something he enjoys.Makes the relationship even stronger, and the experience sometimes can actually be fun. So let’s discuss further on some of the tips to get your guy hooked on to sports and you simultaneously.


Show genuine interest in the sports he is interested to watch

5 Ways to enjoy sports with your man!

Ask him genuine questions about the interests he has, be inquisitive and eager to learn about his passions. It strengthens the bond even more. He will be happy to dole out information if he senses your genuine inquisitiveness about something he is so passionate about. Ask about his favorite players, the team he supports and more open ended questions. Never hesitate to ask something you are unaware of. You never know in the process you might as well get hooked on to it. There isn’t any happier couple who shares the same passions and enjoys doing things together.


Make special arrangements for him and his friends on sports night

5 Ways to enjoy sports with your man!

Make him his favorite snacks and drinks during a sports night. Make cute jerseys into some fun outfits for everyone, to soak up the sporting experience. Indulge in drinking games, set up a table full of sports related goodies, get the guys involved and his friends will look forward to meeting you more and that’s how you will be the center of attraction and if you are lucky enough your guy might just envy you and end up giving you more time by avoiding his friends.


Give him his own space at times

Sometimes your man must want to spend some time alone, like watching sports alone all by himself. While it’s great to share the same passions and interests, it’s not clever to cling onto him all the time and invade into his own space. Keep the communication transparent and ask him if he is okay with you tagging along. He may sometimes want to hang out with his buddies, so let him understand that it’s okay to let you know if at anytime he needs space.


Cuddle up with your man during a game

5 Ways to enjoy sports with your man!

A touch can do wonders to enhance the romance in a relationship. You should touch your partner in a romantic way now and then to bring in more intimacy and excitement during a game. It will strengthen your bond even more. Cuddle upto him, hold his hand, keep your hands on his knee, grab him during the exciting parts of the game, lean against him. Rub your hands on his shoulder to contain the excitement, wrestle with him, be more playful with him. Men like women who enjoy and involve themselves in the game.


Never overdo it

If you are someone who absolutely dislikes sports and come what may you cannot get yourself to like the game, do not force yourself on the game or your man. Do not commit yourself too much to it, as there are chances you will be caught. Join in for the big games only and let him have his own space during the other games. That way he will understand, you respect his interests and in return he will respect yours.


Relationships aren’t easy but you can make them work. You have to be in it together. Stop finding reasons on why you should give up, instead start finding reasons to make it work.



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