5 Ways to fight thoughts of anxiety and self-harm!

5 Ways to fight thoughts of anxiety and self-harm!

Depression and Anxiety are words almost forbidden by the Indian society, however, certain tests show that almost 60% of the people between the age of 14 – 35 are suffering from Depression. But I promise you, these mental disorders aren’t what you think they are.

Depression is a state of constant sadness, a constant feeling of being upset and angry and frustrated and sad, very sad. Depression will make you stay in bed and will not let you do the very basic things a person does, one finds it difficult to even get out of bed and eat and brush their hair and dress up okay. People mistake it for laziness, and if you feel depressed you’re not alone. Having depression is one thing, but having it with anxiety is hell.

Anxiety is the constant stress of the mind, constant overthinking and constantly breaking your moral. Anxiety will make you cut away from people, it will make you scared to meet people, it will mentally cripple you. But no one cares about that anymore, since it’s not “physical damage”.

One of the most common things people with depression and anxiety face are thoughts of suicide and self-harm, most of them even attempt it but don’t speak of it. But why not? It’s because we’re told that mental illnesses are something to be ashamed of, it’s something to hide from, it’s something degrading, it’s something forbidden. But what do you do and who do you talk to when you feel all these things at one time, how do you cope with the constant war waging in your head between who you are and who you expect yourself to be?

How do you deal with not loving yourself at all, how do you deal with wanting to die and hoping you don’t wake up the next morning. Dealing with suicidal thoughts are one of the most difficult things an individual has to do, especially alone, without any help from anyone at all. So here I will give you a few tips on how to deal and cope with Suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety.



5 Ways to fight thoughts of anxiety and self-harm!

So many times we feel we are alone, we feel no one would understand the things we think of, no one will understand what we feel, but that’s the main thing about depression, it wants you to feel alone. So the first step while dealing with any mental illness is to talk to somebody. It maybe very hard at first and you may not feel like doing it, you may change your mind right before you start talking and that’s okay, but find someone to confide in and start small and talk to them about the little things that make you sad. Start small, but start. Taking the first step to recovery is hard, but it’s worth it.



As we grow old we forget to remain in touch with ourselves, we allow what people think of us to become what we think of us. We allow others to take over our mind and our soul, we give the key of our happiness to others. To feel better in our own skin it’s very important to spend time with ourselves and give ourselves a chance to think about what they truly feel. So take a book, buy yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sit alone in an open garden and read, or just sit in the open and listen to some music and let it soak you up, let yourself learn to be happy with yourself because unless you aren’t happy with yourself no one will be happy with you.



5 Ways to fight thoughts of anxiety and self-harm!

While coping with depression we often forget about ourselves, we forget that we are beautiful and important and that we have a purpose in this world. So start loving yourself, every morning look at yourself in the mirror, look in your eyes and tell yourself “I love you. I care about you” it may sound or look ridiculous, you may even cry while doing it for the first few times, but eventually you will believe yourself. While you try to tell yourself that you love yourself, give yourself the attention you need, take yourself out to lunch, buy yourself that dress you want, or buy yourself the things you always wanted. Be good to yourself.

Pamper yourself whenever you have the chance to, make a face mask or hair mask at home and put it on, do whatever you want to yourself, pamper yourself and you will feel better about yourself.




One of the most popular phrases on the internet right now, but something to live by, vibes are the energies you pick up from people around you and often we deal with negative people and aren’t even aware of it. So if you find anyone who doesn’t support you, someone who mocks you for being yourself, someone who makes you anything less than happy, drop them then and there, because you don’t deserve that kind of a person in your life. You deserve to be happy and will be only when you surround yourself with people who make you feel happy. We often put ourselves through hell to see others happy, it’s a brave thing to do however one must only do it for ourselves, in the end everyone is going to care about themselves and step over you and your good intentions. So put yourself first, and stand up for yourself. Be with people who compliment you and make you feel happy in your soul.



 5 Ways to fight thoughts of anxiety and self-harm!

While fighting a constant war in your head for months, it gets exhausting. You feel like giving up, you get mentally tired of your own thoughts, hence finding an escape is an important part of recovery. Pick up that hobby you loved but dropped because you thought it wouldn’t work. Often escapes are found in different forms of art, whether it’s painting, drawing, writing, singing or playing an instrument. An escape is essential to help you deal with your thoughts, choose your escape and spend an hour doing whatever makes you happy every single day. It may sound selfish but DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO OTHERS. FIND YOUR ESCAPE AND LIVE FOR YOURSELF. It will be something you look forward to after a stressful day, and everyone needs a stress buster, so find your escape and spend time doing it. Like people say “time you enjoyed wasting, isn’t time wasted.”


So in case you’re going through any problem, feel free to talk it out, talk about it openly and accept it and be willing to fight it. Be selfish, love yourself, spend time being happy, put those blades away because the scars on your wrists will stay forever, instead pick yourself up and fight this negative feeling, and it maybe the hardest thing you have to do. But years from now you will be thanking yourself for being strong.

The fight is hard, but you’re beautiful, you’re worth it and a lot of people love you. So fight it and be strong.



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