5 Ways in which gender inequality affects you

5 Ways in which gender inequality affects you

Root Of The Cause

Women don’t stand up for each other, instead they try to pull each other down, smothering and drowning in the same water, fighting the age-old war against humanity.


No Equal Pay

If our working hours are the same, if we can put in as much effort as men are putting in, on a regular basis, why is it so hard to make the pay equal? Why are women looked down upon as the lesser humans?

If women can earn as much as you, women can also have as many sexual partners as you.



This is a debate that will probably go on forever, thanks to all the hypocrites.

When a woman sees another woman sexually active – probably at par with men or receiving more than them – she will instantly start calling her offensive names. Even men. Not only do men refuse to take rejection in good humour, they also refuse to give women enough respect. She is nothing more than a “fucking bitch” to him when she has several sexual partners.

Women can fear commitment as much as you do. There’s nothing wrong with it.


Equal Employment Opportunities

5 Ways in which gender inequality affects you

I come across many classified advertisements on newspapers from time to time when I check for employment opportunities. Innumerable times have I come across meaningless advertisements where the company mentions their vacancy in the Marketing and Sales Department but also adds that they need an ‘’eligible male employee’’ to fill this vacancy. It makes no sense!

Women must not this, Women must not that – Can you quit deciding the roles women should and should not play?


Dress Code Drama

Women must not wear inappropriate clothes. Women must not wear short clothes. Who defines inappropriate? Who defines short in this context?

Women are not a piece of decoration.


Stop putting women on display

Sexually provocative advertisements using the features and faces of women to grab the attention of the masses – not a very respectful act.

Gender inequality affects all of us. Regardless of our gender, gender identity and sexual orientation.


Gender Inequality is a Social Construct.

5 Ways in which gender inequality affects you

It all started when our doctors declared, “It’s a boy,” or, “It’s a girl.”

If the declaration is, it’s the third gender, automatically the parents harbour a dislike towards their child, and sooner or later they are banished from the society for being the anomaly of nature – for being special.


If it’s a girl, she has to behave in a certain way, be polite and free from bruised knees and harsh games. If the girls disobey to do so and act in this particular manner , they are considered somehow less worthy and their unladylike manners are looked at with contempt.


If it’s a boy and it fails to participate in strenuous activities and sports and fails to be as masculine as the definition of masculinity allows – they are bullied by their own kind. Their fathers want to force them into games they might not want to play, their school-mates might pick on them from time to time for taking the dancing lessons he truly wanted to take.


If you are genderqueer, god help you in this ruthless world of narrow-minded diplomats, for they will diss you, discourage you and demoralise you.


People should be allowed to wear what they like, be who they want, feel what they feel, walk and sit the way their legs allow, wear their dress as long or short as they want, sleep with whichever gender their heart desires without having the fear of being judged and made fun of.


What has ever come of the roles you have imposed upon mankind?


Confining women to kitchens and pink playrooms, forcing men into soccer and wrestling matches, and barring the third gender from all the privileges altogether. Did you even ask what they wanted? Did you for once try to recognise their potential and made proper use of these human resources?

No. You were so busy delegating roles and responsibilities according to the gender of the people, you forgot to ask them what they really want, how they really feel and what truly makes them happy.


Open Your Minds


Women don’t need special laws to make them feel better or secure in this world. All we need is for you to understand that women are as human as men are, as vulnerable as men can be and live with as much strength as men are living with.

We look a little different, our bodies were made differently. But underneath all this flesh and skin, we have a heart that feels the same, organs that need satisfaction and a brain as rare as everyone else’s.


Contaminated Brains

5 Ways in which gender inequality affects you

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the beginning of time and prevent the contamination of brains – by these rules and regulations – made by some male tyrants and egomaniacs.


Let’s go back in time together.


Close your eyes and travel back with me. Back to when mankind had just begun. The flowers, the trees, the beautiful birds and the shining sunlight. The men and women have no clothes, they walk around naked like animals, mate under the stars like nomads and eat whatever comes their way.

They don’t have gadgets, but they seem quite happy. They don’t have clothes, but they seem quite in control of themselves. Nobody’s raping or murdering the other. Everybody’s living without politics in harmony. No tall buildings and comfortable toilets, just simian-like behavior and ignorance.


We live in a pretty apathetic age.

Humans have become so stubborn, so narrow-minded. Intolerant and always refusing to open their minds – unlike our ancestors who gladly embraced the new ideas that had been presented to them.


We need gender equality.

We need gender equality because we, as human beings, need to start working and living together instead of battling with one another. There are bigger battles threatening mankind. Even animals live in harmony with one another, in one single home, that is, the jungle. We have this entire planet to ourselves, a brain that functions better than any other living organism, superior beings as we are – we still remain hostile idiots.


There are a million such articles, a million such voices – trying to make one simple thing understood.


We are all human beings. Irrespective of our colour, gender and sexual orientation. One fine day, come what may, females, males, sexuality, identity will all be accepted as they are. For you cannot tamper with nature and the natural ways of living and loving. One must accept every storm, every snowfall, every break of sunshine and every homosexual that comes their way. You can’t impose rules and roles on nature. Now can you? Nature won’t listen. Likewise,


Mankind is Nature’s child, it will always answer to Nature’s call and be how Nature intended them to be.




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