5 Ways to get healthy without paying for a gym membership!

Are you concerned about your health, or are necessarily paying a monthly fee to a gym that you never give a visit to (but really want to!)? Then this one is definitely for you! Every year gyms make millions on gym fees because people fail to use them. So whether you are paying 500 bucks a month or 5000 a month, if you are not actively and properly using your gym you are literally throwing money down the drain and wasting it. So therefore we have come up with some amazing five ways to work out without paying for a gym membership. They are feasible and not that tough too! One should definitely go for it.



Walk more

5 Ways to get healthy without paying for a gym membership!

Walking is something that’s suitable for each body type! And it is obvious that jogging outside is a great way to burn calories, flex leg muscles, and save on a gym membership. However, jogging may be too intense to start with, so walking may be a better option. You can begin by leaving early for work so that that extra time get utilizes well for your body through a proper walk. If your office is on a high floor, choose steps instead of the elevator!

You can also add walking to your lunch schedule. Instead of spending lunch by sitting in the cafeteria, you can opt for a quick walk around your building. These small actions may seem insignificant to you but you’ll be surprised to know the amount of calories you can burn simply by adding more walking to your daily routine. Fitness bracelets like Fitbit will help you to track your steps.



Utilize YouTube

The great thing about this era is that technology can make it easier to access services that would normally cost you a lot. For instance, it costs so many bucks if you hire a personal trainer to guide you through a workout but through YouTube you can get your personal trainer at home for free.You can be trained by a professional trainer in the comfort of your own home and for the grand price of zero. Not only does this eliminate the need of having to pay for a gym membership, but you also get top-notch instructions and advices without feeling insecure about people watching you around.



Play with kids (or pets!)

5 Ways to get healthy without paying for a gym membership!

Playing with your kids or pets can be a great way to increase your body movement. Kids and pets have unlimited energy, and they are no less than a motivation for you to keep going when you don’t feel like to. Playing outdoor games with kids or pets gives you a good workout, and spending time with your lovely kids is no less than a bonus.


Get your own home gym equipment

If you have a lot of space, then purchasing home gym equipment may be a good alternative than going to the gym. While there is an upfront cost at starting, but in the long run you will save money based on the durability of the equipment. A stationary bike can be easily used while watching your favorite TV shows and movies or a weight bench can help add strength training to build muscle.



Try free local workouts

5 Ways to get healthy without paying for a gym membership!

Check your local community centers or fitness stores for any free or reduced priced classes. Or forming groups or partnering with a friend or having a workout buddy to stay active with will help keep you motivated. This will make you regular and punctual too.

The penny which you’ll save by canceling your gym membership may not seem like a lot at first glance. However, when you add up the amount you could save over time, especially if you are collecting that amount by opening a savings account; you’ll surely then you get the real picture. So do yourself a favor: Don’t only save for the sake of your pockets, but save for yourself as well because health is wealth!

So how have you planned to save money and stay fit at the simultaneously?