5 Ways to Get a man to Sleep with you while maintaining your Dignity

Do you really like someone so much that you can’t help but fantasise about him all the time? Wanting to have sex with someone is not a sin. It is a carnal need and there is nothing wrong when things brew between two consenting adults. While you have your values intact, you still don’t understand how to let him know how he makes you go weak and you do want to share some intimate moments with him. There is a certain tactic involved when you want to ask a man to sleep with you without appearing too slutty or trashy. Here are a few things that you could learn so that you don’t end up hurting your dignity while asking a man to sleep with you:

5 Ways to Get a man to Sleep with you while maintaining your Dignity

Don’t act too desperate


This is something that you need to understand about trying to win over someone: don’t act sold too soon. There is always a place and time for everything. There should never be any rush. While you drool over him all the time, don’t sell your self-respect away in the process of wooing him. The chase is always something that’s a rush for sure. Everyone loves feeling that important. Even when you let him know that you like him a lot, you still need to hold yourself back. This will be a sure shot turn on. Dignity in place while confidence is on point is always classy. This way you maintain some exclusivity while still putting forward your desire.


Walk with some confidence and grace


Okay, you may not be the most perfect woman he may have come across. Yes, you know that and there is nothing new that needs to be told to you about that. But you are unique in your own way. Take pride in that and flaunt that. So, whenever you walk, walk with some confidence. Work the grace and let it act like charm on the man you desire. Feel sexy, focus on your strengths and any guy in the room will definitely look at you. Men like some competition when it comes to women. Any man would definitely notice if you are being closely followed by other men and you will definitely appear as a trophy. Show him that there is competition. He will make the effort to have you.


Work on your body language


When you like someone, it’s all in your body language. Your body will ooze out every sign that will make your interest clear. So, flirt with him a little, make some eye contact when you talk to him. Focus on his lips and let him notice that and then move your eyes away with a flirty smile. Men love noticing that jaw line and the neck. Flip your hair on one side and let him have a good look. This will build some great sexual tensions and he would not be able to hold back his desire to touch you. This of course means he needs to like you enough. So, get his attention first and then display the sexual need. Trying to be all over him too soon will definitely appear slutty. Subtle signals here and there is always the best way to tell him what you need.


Linger around for sometime

5 Ways to Get a man to Sleep with you while maintaining your Dignity

If you happen to notice him at a club, make sure you can mange enough space for him to see you. If you are always among a group of women, he might not really be able to muster that courage to approach you. Look at him time and again but make sure you don’t do that in a creepy way. Show him that you have your eyes on him and you are waiting for him to approach you. If you make no eye contact, he will mistaken that to be your lack of interest. You sure don’t want him to think like that. Also, just because you like him that doesn’t mean you linger around for the whole night till that place shuts down or he leaves. You should be the one leaving first so that he craves to see you again.


Make sure you have numbers exchanged


Take cue from movies here. Remember how the actress manages to write down her number in a tissue paper and passes it on to the guy? Okay, sounds a bit too much maybe but if he likes you he must have asked for your number by the time you were leaving. Use that to your advantage but texting him seductively. Engage in some light sexting dropping texts throughout the day. Come up with some exciting questions to heighten pleasure in the conversation. Seduce his mind and make him crave for you. Go slow with making your desires felt but not over exerted.