5 Ways To Give Your Vagina Some MAJOR, Well-Deserved TLC

Whenever you think female, breasts, and vagina are the two things that pop-up first. I wouldn’t get into how your vagina and vulva are the most important part of your body. What I will say is that not all of us are giving it the attention it deserves. It would be an understatement to say that a lady’s vagina is her best friend. Move over diamonds ladies, let’s be more realistic. Surprisingly, most of us don’t even realize how important it is to give special care to our lady parts. Your vagina cannot be treated like the other body parts. If you hope to maintain healthy and young vagina and vulva, you need to be extra careful about your habits. To help you out with that, here’s a blog on Ways to Give Your Vagina Some MAJOR, Well-Deserved TLC.

5 Ways To Give Your Vagina Some MAJOR, Well-Deserved TLC

Cotton or Commando


How would you feel about being suffocated with spandex masks all day long? Your vagina feels the same way when you subject it to a day-long contact with underwear made of synthetic material. You see, the reason why cotton is such an important fiber is that of its ability to allow air to pass. It has high absorption ability, and you knew all of that already. What you probably didn’t know was that your vagina needs to feel free too. Cotton underwear allows air to pass through, giving your vagina some breeze. They absorb extra moisture and keep the area surrounding your vulva in the required moist surrounding. However, this doesn’t mean that you should leave everything to cotton either. Make sure that your vulva remains dry from the outside. No matter whether you like your pubes all shaved or bushy, they should remain dry enough to maintain a healthy environment for the vulva. Another thing of importance is that when you are home, it doesn’t hurt to go commando. What better way to show some real tender loving care to your vagina that giving it the freedom to be.



Masturbate More!


If you are little Ms. Too-good-to-be-true, then you probably have never touched yourself. I mean, really touched yourself. But that will have to change if you are serious about giving your vagina some real tender loving care. To begin with, it is a complete win-win situation for you and your vagina. you have to focus only on what you like and the vagina gets the rewards it deserves. Still not convinced? Let’s add science to it then. To begin with, masturbation releases hormones like norepinephrine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which can significantly reduce cramps during periods. Some studies suggest that antibodies that can boost your immune system are released during orgasm, helping you live longer. This is because your body is flushed with endorphins that make you feel euphoric, calm, stress-free and centered. You can even add sex toys into the process to make it more fun for you and your vagina. But remember that at the end of the day it is about keeping your vagina happy. Do that which you and your lady parts are most comfortable with.



Get to Know Yourself Better

 5 Ways To Give Your Vagina Some MAJOR, Well-Deserved TLC

No, I’m not talking about the introspection or meditation type of things here. What I mean is that you need to get to know your vagina better. For starters, look at it more. This is not just looking at it from a distance but spread your legs in front of a mirror looking. It is important to see your vagina on a daily basis to spot irregularities so that you are updated on the latest stats down there. Touching your lady parts in a non-sensual way should also be a top priority in your list of tender loving care for your vagina. you don’t always have to touch your vulva only during masturbation. Touching your vulva every now and then gives positive energy to your system and helps you stay more focused. The power of human touch is known to work wonders. So, why save your touch to simply when you are high on sex drive? Touching your lady parts before going to sleep is a good way not only to give it tender loving care but also to feel secure. Giving your vulva a comforting pressure before any important event can help you stay centered. Don’t shy away from holding your best friend.



Give Your Vagina a Massage


Vaginal massages have now become a rage in the west. Surprisingly, this concept comes from India, where women can’t even talk freely to their mothers about vaginal health issues. While you might be engaged in all sorts of activities or even massages to release tension from your body. The region around your vagina carries too much tension that needs to be released. “Yoni massage” which translates to Vaginal massage in Sanskrit is a good way to go about releasing this pressure. You can do this yourself, using coconut oil or lube in case of absence of the former. The massage begins from the vulva by gently kneading your inner thighs, pubic mound, and labia. Then you go for an internal massage, paying close attention to not hurting the tissues in any way. Remember that this is supposed to be a relaxing experience and for that, your mind needs to be at ease as well. If you want to take your tender loving care to the next level, you can even get a massage from professionals in vaginal massage. Yes, that is an actual thing which can help you and your lady parts a great deal.



Add Kegels to your Routine

5 Ways To Give Your Vagina Some MAJOR, Well-Deserved TLC 

If you have been reading blogs about vaginal health on this website then you are either familiar or have read the work Kegels. If not, then let this be your moment of enlightenment. Kegels are exercises targeting the pelvic floor muscles to increase their strength. While Kegels are mostly focussed on those who suffer from stress incontinence, urinary incontinence, or fecal incontinence, these exercises can really help improve your sex life. Not only does doing these exercises increase penetrative satisfaction but also contributes to increasing the strength of your lady parts. Kegels are really simple to do and require very little external input. Begin by identifying the right muscles. Stop urinating mid-stream to identify the muscles you need to work on. Once you have identified the pelvic floor muscles tighten them for five seconds and then relax for five seconds. Try this 4-5 times in a row. Increase the contraction and relaxation time to 10 seconds as you get better. Repeats these sets 3-4 times a day. However, even if you can’t find the time to focus on Kegels, fear not. Kegels aren’t the only way to give show tender loving care to your vagina. It is important for women after pregnancy, and childbirth, after surgery, or because of aging, excessive straining from constipation or chronic coughing, and being overweight.


Your vagina supports a lot of your reproductive health. Thus, it is essential to show the love and care it deserves. Apart from what has been mentioned above, it is also important to maintain your vagina’s hygiene. Douching is not required and even advised against. However, your vulva should be cleaned with lukewarm water at least once every day for a clean and healthy living and a fresh vagina.




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