5 Ways to be a good wife to your husband!

Every wife wants to be perfect for her husband. She wants to be able to love him perfectly. Every one wants to look cooler, be understanding, be someone her husband can’t take his eyes off, who cannot pass a day without appreciating or bragging in front of his friends. Women just want to have their husbands madly in love with them. This but quite obvious.


Sometimes, things don’t happen your way. No matter how perfectly you have been handling your household chores or balancing between work and home, you may not get the appreciation you deserve. In short, being a good wife is a tough job. Not as easy as movies might have you believe. Being a good wife takes sincere efforts. Here are a few ways in which you could turn out to be the most perfect one (maybe near perfect!) for your husband:


Accept the fact that it is tough:


Yes, you read that right. Unless you accept the fact that you are in for a tough battle it will be very difficult to deliver. There may be times you may not perform well. Just don’t be so hard on yourself. Breathe in, breathe out. Let that stress get out.


If you feel like you are the odd one out and everyone among your friends seem to be better than you, then you are wrong. Sometimes things are more difficult than what meets the eye. It is just about different personalities people have and the way they choose to deal with the problem in question. And it’s not difficult to cultivate the habit of learning from your mistakes and inculcating the best traits you see in others.


Stop living in the make- believe world of perfection


Perfect does not exist. It is a myth. If you think that looking great would make you a good wife, that’s not always true. You will age with time. You will look different. Accept that gracefully. Don’t pressurise yourself into looking good so much that you resort to self harm when you fall short of your expectations. With time, your husband will want to be more interested in your inner qualities. No matter how great you would look, if you make his life miserable, you won’t be a good wife.


Look for happiness everywhere

 5 Ways to be a good wife to your husband!

People who see the positive and draw happiness from whatever little they see and experience or look for it where the larger public won’t, are truly happy beings. If you whine and complain and crib and nag about how miserable your life is, chances are your husband won’t be happy with you. Men are simpler. What they perceive, they accept. If they see you happy, they accept that. If you bombard him with your troubles as soon as he comes back home, he will end up being frustrated with you. A good wife will try and spread positivity. Stay happy and spread happiness.


Learn when to take action


Stop being restless in tackling your issues. Not everything needs to be done right when you want. Not everything needs an answer when you desire. You don’t need to be at the helm of affairs every time. Wait for the right time to discuss things. Things might turn bitter at the heat of the moment.  More so because men are not multi-taskers. This is scientifically proven. They need time to process things and wish to deal with one thing at a time. Give them time. Let them deal with issues when they can. Forcing them will make any situation miserable for you.


Love him like it’s the last day

Make him a priority. You are a team. He deserves your love and support. Be there with him when he needs you. Show him the brighter side of things. Appreciate whatever he does for you. Offer him advice but don’t make it so rigid that he stops being himself. Remind yourself why you chose to get married to him in the first place. Of course you had your reasons. Problems might have crept in but who says they can’t be fixed? You won’t ever be perfect nor will he. Don’t even try for you will fail you if chase the perfect. Love him just the way he is. Love his imperfections. I am sure he must be having a hard time dealing with them already. Just don’t worsen his life by pinpointing his shortcomings every time.


Team up to make your relationship better. In every relationship, someone takes the lead. If you have to, be it so. Take the initiative. I am sure you will do just fine. You are good enough. You just need to fine tune your thoughts. Don’t complicate things to the level of misery. You will be a good to great wife in no time.

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