5 ways a husband can support his wife during pregnancy

5 ways a husband can support his wife during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the 9-month journey of a lady from her womanhood to motherhood. It is a delicate time when she experiences lots of physical, emotional, and psychological mayhem, which make her quite tender in comparison to her normal self. During this delicate period, she obviously needs some extra support, which her closest ones can provide her. Obviously, during her pregnancy a married woman considers her husband as the closest one after the gynecologist she is consulting! So, knowingly or unknowingly she seeks some special support during pregnancy from her husband.

It may seem apparently challengingfor a man to offer special care for her pregnant wife. But if thought carefully, some small gestures of support can help the ladyto feel emotionally and physically secured. 5 points are suggestedhere, which can offer great support for pregnant wives from their husbands.

Grant her some extra rest

May be she was a like a chirping bird, full of extra energy before she got pregnant. Unexpectedly she may start behaving like a lazy hen. It is important for a husband to feel her present health condition. She may need extra rest this time due to the massive change getting slowly induced in her body. It is to be understood that the triggers like abrupt change inhormonal balance, sudden need in calorie intake and change in metabolism rateare making her tired frequently…she just can’t overlook it.

This bout of lethargy is mostly seen in primary trimester or in the last trimester of pregnancy;the intensity of fatigue may differ largely depending on other allied factors of pregnancy for the carrying woman. A husband should understand her tiredness and he should pamper her new craving for lethargic time pass…no critical eye please!


Understand and empathize her food cravings and dislikes

5 ways a husband can support his wife during pregnancy

A Pregnant lady shows unusual likes and dislikes for food she takes or she is prescribed to take. A husband canoffer her great support if he understands her unusual change in culinary preference. In fact the carrying mother will enjoy great peace of mind if she feels that her husband is pampering her whimsical food fancies lovingly. No matter if she loves to have some milkshake now whereas she used to hate milk before, cheerfulreciprocation of her pang will make her really happy. She needs this special pampering especially from her husband for enjoying her pregnancy.


Be a good listener

A pregnant lady may suffer from acute mood swing. She may have lots of things to share and speak but it is important that someone should hear her mind sincerely. She may have friends to listen to her points but she loves to share her mind and future family planning best with her husband. If the husbands play the role of sincere listeners during this intricate pregnancy period, it will work as a great support for pregnant wives.


Take her to doctor: keep a track of her appointments

5 ways a husband can support his wife during pregnancy

A pregnant lady considers her appointment with doctor a big priority because this is the question of her pregnancy monitoringand baby’s wellbeing. A husband needs to understand and share her worries and he should take special care about the concerns she faces about the childbirth. Keeping track of her doctor’s appointment and diagnostic tests are simple but definite ways to keep her pacified and assured that someone is caring for her health and comfort.


Other planning of baby’s future

5 ways a husband can support his wife during pregnancy

There are some more points like planning for baby’s grooming, baby’s education, financial savings, etc. that only a husband can discuss and plan with his wife and would-be-mother of his kid. This positive discussion may wonderfully support the carrying mother in controlling her mood swing and enjoying her pregnancy.

These are 5 definite ways a husband can take excellent care of his wifeas well as he can offer great support during pregnancyto a would-be-mom. These comfort gestures and positive acts for pregnancy monitoring will keep the carrying lady happy and assured that her husband loves her a lot and he is taking best care of the mother and the baby lovingly.The assurance will keep her happy and assured.



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