5 Ways to keep your expectations realistic in a relationship

When you are relationship, you engage your emotions with that of someone else. When that happens, it is all too natural to be interested in someone deep enough for expectations to develop. However, realistic expectations in the relationship is what will truly keep you sane and the team work going. You should be aware of what you want from your partner. Unless you do, you are heading aimlessly. When you know exactly what you desire, you make better choices to keep the relationship going. If at all, your expectations aren’t met you know what your standing in the relationship is and therefore you can get out of it as soon as possible.

5 Ways to keep your expectations realistic in a relationship

But where do you draw a line between expecting too much and expecting just right? Is there a universal answer to it? No. People are different and so are there expectations and accordingly their situations. Example, having them know your anniversary date is realistic but expecting a World tour to celebrate that may be a little too much of your man is of moderate means. Keeping your expectations grounded can sound very difficult as they are mostly mood driven but you can try and learn a few things that will keep your expectations in balance.


Be confident about what you need


Sometimes it may be difficult to pinpoint what you actually expect in a relationship. It is comparatively easier o state what you wish to negate. So, go out meet people but analyse them before to you commit to being with them. People should at least meet your basic expectations before they are given an entry into your life. When you know what you expect something from your partner, you try and focus on the goals that you see with your partner. This understanding of what you need from your partner should be there at the back of your mind instead of settling for something average that doesn’t give you fulfilment in life. [Read: Powerful ways to boost your self confidence]


Expecting too much can hurt your status in the relationship


Expecting too much before meeting your prospective partner can put unnecessary pressure on him. Sometimes, even before we meet people we tend to have these expectations that hurts the way we perceive people. While expectations turning into reality can come as a pleasant surprise, the opposite can be a source of utter disappointment. When plan to meet a date you should be more concerned about how their true nature is and whether they treat you with respect instead of expecting them to look like a ramp walking model. Their material prosperity should not be the benchmark of a great partnership. [Read: 7 Things that women expect from men but will never say!]


Expecting someone to be like you


You may be a great human being but that doesn’t mean that your date should turn out to be as understanding and respectful as you are. By setting higher expectations you are paving the way to be hurt surely. You should be aware that people have different struggles and have been raised differently than you. So, they will obviously never be able to be like you. The same goes for the way they express what they feel and how they communicate in general. Imposing your expectations on people is like asking them to behave like you do which means they aren’t as good enough as you are. But you have to be realistic in understanding that people don’t really change. They stay the way they are and therefore u have to look for someone who is the most compatible with you rather than looking for perfection. [Read: Zodiac Reveals The Pros And Cons Of Marrying Him!]


Expecting perfection everywhere


When you are with someone you love, you accept them as yours and vice versa. You see every flaw in them as perfect. This raises your hopes and you start expecting them to be the poster boy of perfection. You have to be at peace with the fact that your boyfriend has a life of his own too. He has his own struggles to deal with and has all the negative qualities that any human can possible have. With that said, you have to be adjusting to that or else a mad drive towards perfectionism is bound to make you fall hard. The best thing you can do in a relationship is to keep your basic expectations in place while the “fancy” ones need to be under control or else you will end up being hurt all the time. [Read: 5 Things to keep in mind if you wish to be perfect everywhere]


Be in touch with your reality

5 Ways to keep your expectations realistic in a relationship

Understand who you truly are before you can expect others to meet your expectations. Are you being able to meet his expectations or are you just blankly listing out your expectations to him? Keeping your expectations as realistic as possible will help you make your relationships stronger. This doesn’t mean you lower your standards but stay grounded with your expectations.