5 Ways to keep your romance alive in the relationship

Every stage in the relationship requires your utmost care and attention. No matter which stage in the relationship you are in you have to be committed to giving it your best for it to flourish. Keeping the romance alive in the relationship needs you to be invested in the person with your time and energy so that you can do justice to what you have signed for. In order for both of you to grow and make the most of the time together, you have to take the initiative to keep the romance alive and not let it stagnate. Even if you would like to take refuge in the fact that your relationship is near perfect and it doesn’t require much effort, you could just try and look deeper if the perfection is just there on the superficial level and if cracks are already developing. Initially it is easier to be more sensitive towards your partner and to work for it but with time when these efforts fade your partner will surely notice that and feel insecure and uncared for.

5 Ways to keep your romance alive in the relationship

Work on your appearance


Men are visual creatures. While they may fall in love and do everything to prove their loyalty, they will still appreciate it if you could dress well and take care of yourself. Not every day feels great to make the effort to look good but if you take each day in the relationship as a new day, you will surely keep your partner’s interests alive in you. When your partner dresses up well, you will feel great about the fact that he wants to look attractive to you. You yourself would love to be around someone who grabs eyeballs but is holding tight to you. [Read: 9 Style tips to avoid looking heavier]


Stay in touch the whole day


There are too many channels of communication. Whether it be texts, voice calls or video calls. While your busy schedule may consume most of your time, you should make the move and initiate contact as much as possible. This will show your partner that what you are going through matters to them and they really are concerned about you. Now you need to have some mutual understanding on what makes your partner feel good. If he/ she isn’t into texting and you are, it could be a real source of frustration to have to respond to all your queries over a medium that doesn’t interest them. So, see what is doable for both of you but make sure that you stay in touch. [Read: 7 Suggestions to Help You Stop Being Needy in a Relationship!]


Make physical contact

5 Ways to keep your romance alive in the relationship

In order to make your partner feel desirable, you should touch them as often as possible. By hugging, kissing and cuddling you generate warmth in the relationship. While non-sexual touches can be really great in keeping the romance alive, also engage in sex. Some couples drop sex from their priority list with time but that is grave mistake for sex is a carnal desire and there is no shame in making love to the person that you love the most. If you stop touching each other, you show your disinterest in him. A sexless life can be a recipe for disaster. If you don’t keep your partner happy, he/ she might start taking an interest in someone who is ready to satisfy him. [Read: 6 Truths about sex you need to know to keep your partner interested]


Make time for real interaction


No matter how busy you get, make time to be with the person you love. This is important if you want to keep the spark in the relationship alive and kicking. When you make it your priority to be with your partner as often as possible, you create the space to do everything else to show your love for your partner. Some people tend to have their set of excuses ready to justify their busyness. Whatever it is that you are doing, if you are truly interested in keeping your relationship alive, you will make time for real interaction with your partner. Even if you would like to have your space, you should be able to include the person you love in all that you do. [Read: What is emotional intimacy in a relationship? 5 Signs to look out for!]


Appreciate what he does for you


In order to make your partner feel good about his inputs in the relationship you should constantly remind him of how much you appreciate what he does for you. When you appreciate and compliment, your partner will stay motivated to do what he does best for you. In the absence of motivation, he will feel dejected. Such a feeling will keep your partner in isolation and your relationship will lose its sheen. So, make sure you say “Thank You” and “Sorry” whenever you need to for the betterment of the relationship. Your gratefulness towards your partner can mean so much and the lack thereof can be devastating. [Read: 6 Ways to live in the moment and enjoy yourself!]


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