5 Ways your life changes when you get married!

5 Ways your life changes when you get married!

India is famous for its fat weddings. Scrumptious food, jewellery, snazzy dresses, loud music and super elated relatives are the tenets of Indian weddings. It is a big event in the lives of two individuals who have decided to spend the rest of the life with each other. But do you know what all goes into the mind of a bride while taking that huge step in her life? While in many cases, the groom stays with his own family, the bride embarks on a new journey leaving her family and friends behind. These are five ways the life of a girl changes post marriage.


  • A journey from I to We

Girls! It is time to stop talking in first person every time. Your life now revolves around a new person and a new set of people closely associated with him. All your decisions, plans and aspirations will be affected by the mere presence of that one person. You have experienced a lot of liberty in making your own choices before getting married. But now, your choices must be made keeping your spouse and his family in mind. You are no longer that innocent Barbie doll of your father who used to handle all your goof ups and ensured that you get away scot-free. It is time to give a serious thought to your life and think twice before doing anything.


  • You start becoming more conscious of your looks

5 Ways your life changes when you get married!

Were you the main attraction of all the pajama parties that you organized to catch up with your girlfriends? Was messy hair your favorite hairdo? Chances of your sartorial choices undergoing a major change are relatively high. It is time to bid adieu to those loose tops and ripped jeans and replace your wardrobe with elegant sarees, designer suits and lehengas that you will have to wear on certain occasions as you want to look your best for your family. That make-up box you shunned using has suddenly become your best friend and will be at your rescue every time you need it.


  • You will think before speaking

You might be the straightforward girl during your college days. Cracking jokes and poking fun at people was your favourite pastime. But those were days of the yore. Thinking twice before speaking and avoiding blurting out whatever strikes your mind are pieces of advice that will save you from cutting a sorry figure. Slangs are a big NO-NO. That “Queen of Sarcasm” image of yours needs to change else you might end up hurting their sentiments. Hurting them with your curt words is definitely not your intention. Learn sugar-coated words that will make your relationship with your in-laws last longer.


  • Everyday habits change

5 Ways your life changes when you get married!

Throwing towel on the bed after a hot shower, singing songs in the bathroom, slurping ice-cream every night were all those bad habits you had nurtured since childhood. Those days were beautiful but be geared up to reminisce about them because your everyday habits will change drastically. Inculcate the habit of waking up early in the morning and cooking breakfast for the entire family. You might have to learn a few hymns to keep yourself aligned with the traditions of the family.


  • Special attention from your parents

Before marriage, your mother seldom cared about your whereabouts. She was as cool about you as you are. Post-wedding, you will find them adoring you even more. Your eyes will well up with tears the moment they tell you how much they miss you. Your siblings will relentlessly text you to know your ins and outs. Visits at their place will be no short of a celebration. Do not get surprised to find all your favourite vegetables lying on the dining table. Going down the memory lane and reviving those good old days will fill you with nostalgia.


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