5 Ways in which you lift each other up in love

Having someone in your life who lifts you up and makes you a better person each day is something that is part of being in love. Love can be a fulfilling experience if done with the right person at the right time. When you are truly happy with each other, you will do everything to make the regular, monotonous life a cake walk for the person you love by being there to support and motivate and provide stability to the relationship. When you are truly happy together, it just shows and people will notice that wherever you go. Whether or not you become a better person in a relationship, one thing stands true: your relationship survives because there is some energy that goes well for both of you. In order to be the best help and fulfill the other person’s needs, here are a few things that you could work on:

5 Ways in which you lift each other up in love

You boost each other’s morale


When two people are in a healthy relationship, it can work wonders with regard to their confidence. When you know both of you are valuable to each other, it automatically acts as a morale booster because you feel appreciated and cared for. Little gestures can make a huge difference. Lifting your partner up when adversities come crashing in on either of you, helping your partner with some activity, being there unexpectedly when they need you the most, taking care when they are sick, cracking the silliest jokes, telling each other how much the relationship means and how attracted you feel to the other person can work wonders for the confidence that people feel about their relationship as well as themselves.


You take care of the emotional lacuna


Love is more about emotional fulfilment than physical. Anything that is inclined more towards the latter is something that is lust not love. Most people who get into a relationship find themselves at an emotional low or there is some lacuna which the other person just fills in seamlessly. Your partner can act as a healer to your emotional wounds. The sense of security that being in a relationship generates peace and satisfaction which is unlike anything else that you can ever experience. The better you bond on the emotional notes, the easier it is to find a common ground to deal with issues and express your opinions. Just the very effort of listening to what your partner has to tell you and being patient with the information can have miraculous effect on him/her.


You fulfill the physical necessities


Sex is a natural need. You procreate through sex. When in love, you might want that person to touch you and take care of your deepest desires and fetishes because you are sure about being taken care of in painful circumstances too. With the right person who you consent to having sex with, even pain is blissfully pleasurable. Being physically distressed too is something that people look for in a relationship. Ever wondered why simplest things as holding hands, cuddling, hugging and kissing can feel so good? That is because you release the hormones that give you a pleasurable rush, comfort and fulfillment through physical intimacy. Not just your spirit, but your body too responds to love.


You learn new things together

5 Ways in which you lift each other up in love

When you are in a relationship, you learn about the person who comes from a different background and unique set of experiences. Each of your are unique that way. This way understanding and knowing where either of you come from can teach you a thing or two about life which might be real life lessons that you couldn’t have learnt any other way if not for meeting this person you are in love with. Mutual respect and love for each other can make you more patient and open to new knowledge. This gives you a better insight into things that you never came across before. It shapes your personality better and teaches you to accommodate second opinions when the need arises.


You have each other’s backs


Being there for each other for the best or worst is typical of every great relationship. Sometimes, you may not be able to control your situations. Everything might seem directionless and you don’t really know what to do without some help from the person you love the most. Your lover being your confidante can help you sail through the worst of times. People at times don’t really need the moon and the starts but just a shoulder to cry on.


Finding that kind of person who is there regardless of what might come your way is hard. And once you actually find that person, you can actually do so much together that life can be a real adventure.