5 Ways to motivate your man when he is feeling low

Is your man feeling low these days? Are you upset because he is upset too? Have you tried your best to motivate him but all your efforts have gone in vain? Men generally try and appear tough on the outside. They do not let their emotions run out. Instead of communicating they usually resort to usual bursts of anger. In these times you need to stay prepared to handle the situation well.

5 Ways to motivate your man when he is feeling low

Just remember he is human too. Being upset is very natural because highs and lows are part and parcel of every relationship. Rather than nagging and complaining, you need to be understanding and act accordingly.  In a relationship, the fact that you are a team; you will quite automatically be affected by his moods. In fact expecting you to be the least bothered is unrealistic. This is the situation where you man expects your utmost support. Here are a few ways in which you can do so without being a burden on him:


You should be calm:


Instead of adding to his worries by freaking out at his already troubled situation, you need to stay as calm as possible. You have to keep your cool. This will help you think logically. Analysing the problem will become easier if you are composed. Even if things get critical and he attacks you personally, you need to act mature. Avoid getting back at him. This will only hurt both of you and you will not be adding any relief to his situation.


Even if he acts like he can do without you, trust, me he needs you the most at this time. Your extreme reactions will only make him distance himself and he will refrain from sharing his problems with you in the future. I am sure you don’t want that to happen!


Work as a team

I will repeat this again. This is a relationship. You shouldn’t and cannot act like you are single. Work on things like a team. This also holds true for your difficult situations. Not only should you empathise with him at this situation but also work on giving him constructive solutions. Don’t be lame. And also don’t try and crack jokes in the middle of something serious. This might frustrate your man when you are discussing something important. You offering practical solutions is help. And he will definitely appreciate that. You don’t have to be a genius to come up with solutions. Also, even if you can’t find one, at least listen to him. Sometimes people just need a ear to vent out their problems to.


Embrace him


Physical touch can have miraculous effects. In fact non- sexual touches can soothe your partner when he is down. Hug him, hold his hands, rub his back. This will relax him. Sometimes, you need not come up with words to show how much you love your partner. Your touch can also convey that. You can make him feel that you will always be there for him.


Appreciate his positive qualities


This is time when you remind him of his good qualities. You need to build his confidence by showing him how good he is. Recall incidents when he handled difficult situations well. This way you might give him ideas indirectly to deal with the situation. This can melt him (Not the cheesy melt that is!) But he will feel lighter. Your involvement in his troubles will give him necessary support he needs. Build hopes in him that this is just a phase and he will be able to deal with it. Once you find him getting lighter. you can then try and make him laugh. Be jovial. He will feel very motivated.


Leave him alone

You cannot always be in charge. You may not always have the solution. If you feel your efforts aren’t working effectively, then just leave the rest to him. Once you know that you did whatever you could, just leave him alone for some time. Let him deal with his situation the way he wants to. If he specifically mentions that he needs some space, you should allow that instead of cribbing. Wait for him to get back to you at his own time.


You need to consider this a priority to add happiness in your partner’s life. This is the way you build a long lasting relationship. To motivate your man, you have to be patient. You have to be patient. Just be by his side. Be compassionate with him. Show him what he means to you. Work on each other’s difficult situations. This is the way you could motivate him enough to be the best version of himself. When you love someone selflessly, you will find this a cake walk. This will but come naturally to you.