5 Ways to have the perfect start to a relationship

A new relationship can be a pretty exciting one. You will find yourself being tempted to have it all at one go. This impatience is not unfounded. After all, love is maddening. Your lose your critical reasoning faculties when you fall madly in love with someone. You are always on the go to be there with the person. You are ready to sacrifice everything that you hold so dear when in a new relationship. There are certain things that you still need to be careful about when you are in a new relationship.

5 Ways to have the perfect start to a relationship

You need to have some rules in place if you wish to make the best of the time that you spend with this person and go steady for a long time. What you should keep in mind is the fact that people have hidden layers which they do not let out initially. While you may feel like you may know it all, there will always be something that you will discover with time. So, keep your excitement in place and stay patient when you are in a new relationship. It is not wrong to give it your all in a relationship but stay grounded with the following ways to have the perfect start to a new relationship:


Keep control over the frequency of your meet-ups


This might sound crazy now when all you want to do in this new relationship is to be with each other every second that you can. But you need to exercise restraint. While seeing each other more often is probably the only thing that you want to do now, this excitement will wear off sooner than you can imagine. So, give your relationship some time to cool off in between so that the flames stay fanned for long. There are other priorities in life and you should remember to accept this relationship too as a part of your life and that it shouldn’t override all the other relationships that you have in life. Frankly, that never pays off well. So, maintain the balance. [Read: How to talk about your past relationships with your partner?]


Let him do his thing

5 Ways to have the perfect start to a relationship

If you are someone who gets too attached to your love interests, you have to tame that behaviour. People should have their own space. If you want your relationship to grow and blossom well, you need to allow it to do so naturally without trying to pull all variable to your advantage all the time. Being too clingy will make your partner feel suffocated. A new relationship is perhaps the best time to show that you do care but at the same time you make the effort  not to curtail his freedom. You might find him putting up with you for sometime but this will sabotage his feelings and make him casual about you. [Read: 7 Ways to give space to your partner!]


Don’t engage in a spending spree


If you are someone who is lavish with your spending habits, you need to calm down with this person you are with. There is no need to go overboard when you are not even sure if this person deserves every hard earned money that you send on him. While it is completely your prerogative to do what you like with your money it is advisable to keep the urge controlled at least till you are absolutely sure that this person is the one for you. Also, you might just want to be sure that this person is not a gold digger!


Keep the sexual urges under control

5 Ways to have the perfect start to a relationship

In a new relationship, you might find it hard to control your sexual urges. Any moment that you manage to steal with him, you might never want to keep your hands off. He feels more desirable and you just wish to end up in the bed making love to each other all day and night.  No matter how crazy his presence makes you feel, you should control the urge to get dirty. Also, if you show or project a horny mood all the time, your partner might feel that you are only into him for sex and this might be a huge turn off. So, keep it slow and give it some time before you can finally give in to your sexual needs.


Don’t get official too quickly


Let the initial excitement in the relationship wane before you finally tell him that you love him. It can be too tempting to get into an exclusive relationship and the urge to show off how good a man you have landed up with, keep that excitement under control till you are absolutely sure of this man. When you make your man meet all those important people in your life, it creates an unnecessary pressure and builds high expectations at a time when neither of you are well aware or confident of spending your life with each other.


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