5 Ways to reboot sex life after tiring work days!

5 Ways to reboot sex life after tiring work days!

Work life can snatch away the spark in your sex lives. The tiring work hours and the unending to-do lists can at times prove really heavy on you and your boyfriend. By the end of the month you might realize that not even once had you guys held each other’s hands affectionately. Do not let your work damper your sex life. Here are some tips you can use to get your sex life back in track.


Let your exhaustion not be an excuse stopping you from feeling and making love to your better half. Dive into a hot shower and get back the freshness lost during the day. Even better idea is to bring in your partner to shower with you. It will not only contribute to the planet but will also help you rock a great night together.



Certain scents are meant to stimulate your libido. Splash some of your favorite scent after shower and feel rejuvenated. Some of the scents that can light up your mood instantly are citrus, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus.  In addition, light aromatic candles in your room. Usually women love men cologne, spray your favorite one from his wardrobe in the room and plan a really hot welcome for your boyfriend.




5 Ways to reboot sex life after tiring work days!

Do small things that can have a big impact such as send him a naughty text at the time he is least expecting it. For example, when he is at a meeting or when he is having lunch with his colleagues. This will build up the mood and you guys will be bound to look forward for the night.



I know comfort is the king for you after returning from your job but do something different. Instead of getting into a loose pajama and a t-shirt, pour some whisky in the glass and dress up to kill. Take a shower, wear the sexiest dress you have, wear your heels, and put on smoky eye makeup. Ask your man to dress up his best too and go out for dinner. When you come back, you obviously know what you will have for desert. (winks)




5 Ways to reboot sex life after tiring work days!

Take over the night and do not shy away from reaching the touch points. Say out loud and clear what you want to do to your partner. Excite him by showing off your cleavage or by provoking his notorious side by doing a little strip tease. Indulge in caresses and massages to do away with the exhaustion you had at work. This will build up the heat between you two and you will have your own chapter of Kama sutra for the night.


Make the night hot and steamy as possible such that it becomes impossible for the two of you to maintain proximity for the night. Don’t let work occupy your personal space as well. Dwell into the old madness and juggle, yes! It is something that you should readily sign into.



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