5 Ways to start loving your body!

5 Ways to start loving your body!

Loving your body is all about developing a healthy relationship with your physical self. In a nutshell it can be reduced to self-love and respect. It is an acceptance of the fact that you are worth everything that you desire and capable enough to deal with all that affects you, alone. You got to accept that fact that nobody else is responsible for your decisions and actions. If you wish to change this you have to take charge rather than cribbing or waiting for someone to come and do the job for you.


Appreciate your cognitive mind

5 Ways to start loving your body!

The baby step to accepting and curing your body comes from strengthening the receptive capacities of your brain. To do this, relieve yourself of the stressful activities that bog you down.  Practice meditation, read, get ample hours of sleep, get used to digital detoxification at least for a specific period of time every day and walk amidst greenery (this will bring you closer to nature).


Become a conscious eater

5 Ways to start loving your body!

Be careful of what you feed yourself to fuel your body. Open up to your senses and understand when your body signals that it is full. Food is supposed to nurture you and make you feel good. That been said, accept that fact that you will sinfully indulge in junk. So don’t be hard on yourself but rather plan ahead for a better tomorrow. How you look is a matter of consistent efforts for a long period of time. Nothing happens in a single day. So, prepare your lifestyle choices and work little by little everyday.


Detoxify your body


You need stick to all that’s as close as possible to nature. Drink a glass of water every morning after you wake up. Cleanse your body to work better and feel better throughout the day. You can dump your cosmetics that fill your body with unwanted toxins. Stick to organic products as much as possible.


Take pride in the body you live in

5 Ways to start loving your body!

This is your home. Respect it instead of pinching parts of it that you are made to believe lack perfection. If you feel confident, you are just perfect the way you are. Stop being too hard on yourself and punishing your body through deprivation and shame. Each day nourish your body with love. It will thank you in the long run with unconditional happiness.


Be thankful


Start counting your blessings rather than pinpointing what you don’t have in life. The more grateful you are the abundance you attract. Try and pen down all things that you are grateful for. You will be amazed at the sense of satisfaction you will experience.


You alone are the best person in control of your life. The sooner you realise this the easier your realisation of the sense of fulfilment becomes.




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