5 Ways to stop lying in a relationship

Lying is a very common habit. We often give in to lying because that is always the easiest way out in comparison with the confronting the truth. Some of us a great at communicating manipulated truths. Which to be fair, is a lie. Truth is unpalatable. Sometimes, it can ruin your relationships to a point where there is no scope of return. A lie can actually save your face and help you maintain the dignity that you enjoy among people you love. Initially this is how you will get away with your wrong doings, but for how long? In the due process of time, the truth will lay bare. You may not even be able to gauge the massive shape that a small lie could take depending on the danger that it holds not just for you but the people around you.


Why should you stop lying?


Let’s accept it. WE ARE ALL GUILTY OF LYING AT SOME POINT OF TIME OR THE OTHER. Yes, I put it in capitals because this is the truth. Whether it was a well intended lie or not, a lie is a lie. You can lie to people but not yourself. You can’t save yourself from facing what you have done. The guilt will linger unless you come out clean.  If you wish to have a guilt- free life, if you wish to live with respect and dignity, you have to stop lying to yourself. From the experience that you have gathered from lying at some point of time or the other, has it been a great experience ever to keep lying to hide one lie? Of course it has torn you apart when you thought of the consequences of getting caught. Some lies may have given you nightmares.


Analyse the root cause


You know it well. Lying is never worth all the sufferings that you have to go through. If you want to give up lying, you need to analyse the cause of your habit of lying constantly. Are you having other issues? Do you need help?  Has your habit been the cause of harm to almost everyone that you know? Do you still wish to continue despite being convinced that your lies never did any good either to you or the person you lied to? These are the first few questions you need to analyse before you decide on getting yourself out of the all the lies that you have uttered.


Accept your fault


Stop convincing yourself that your way is the best way. You may have your own set of reasons to lie to the person you love. However, it is very common to wish to convince yourself that you are not wrong when you are lying. Your inner self is constantly in the process of trying to justify your lies. The very fact that your partner may be neglecting you, disrespecting you or even has taken you for granted may be your reasons to keep lying to your man. However, understand that his wrongdoings shouldn’t justify your lies which is equally wrong. Do you even feel better by going down the “wrong” path? Of course not! And no amount of effort will make you feel great about lying. Deny it now. But your heart knows! Be honest to yourself at least.


Respect yourself

5 Ways to stop lying in a relationship

The moment you try to respect yourself, you will understand the value of your words. You will understand what it means to be in a position that people can point fingers at you. When you understand your worth, you will want to refrain from pulling yourself from an embarrassing situation. Therefore, respect is something that you need to cultivate. Liars don’t understand how their actions hurt their own image. Sometimes, they just enjoy manipulating people to get the best out of a situation.


See things from your partner’s point of view


When you start thinking about the person you are lying to, you will empathise more with their precarious position. Would you like to be in a position where you are unaware of the truth? Would you like to have things happen behind your back especially if you are at the receiving end of the lies? Of course not! Once you start lying, you lose trust. Everyone deserves to know what’s happening in situations that have a direct effect on them.


Think about the future

5 Ways to stop lying in a relationship

Will you be able to face a situation where your partner stops trusting you altogether? Wouldn’t you stand the risk of losing your man completely? What’s worst, if you are a compulsive liar, you wouldn’t be able to garner any respect from your partner ever. Even if you break up, your future will also be doomed because of your love for concocting one lie after the other. If you are finding it difficult to stop lying, if you think you life has already turned miserable then you should get professional help. It will be better that you start working on this now before you lose out on your relationship completely.