5 Ways to affair-proof your marriage!

The rate at which couples are separating or getting divorced is ever increasing even within our society now. In most cases, extra-marital affairs turn out to be the reason behind the fallout, this is a cause of great concern. What comes as a surprise to many can actually stem from little things that we don’t give much attention to but when avoided can turn disastrous for your married life. While trust is the foundation of all relationships, it’s better to be safe than sorry. To help you avoid a situation such as that, here’s a blog on ways to Affair-proof your marriage from both your husband’s and your side.

5 Ways to affair-proof your marriage!


Keep Temptations Aside


Whenever there are two sound minds together, conflict is bound to arise. Every happy and devoted couple tends to have disagreements then and now. The wise ones solve these among themselves and never talk about it to those outside. Just because your partner understands you it isn’t possible for them to comprehend you in all situations. This comprehension when found is someone else by sharing the details of your married life is bound to give rise to an attraction towards the person concerned. Thus, it’s best to avoid temptation by either keeping things to yourself or sharing it with trustworthy friends of the same gender as you.



Sex and not Pornography

5 Ways to affair-proof your marriage!

Pornography is known to have ruined many relationships and marriages time and again. It is essential that you don’t throw sex off of your radar for that will turn you to finding alternatives, the first of which will be porn. The unrealistic expectations that arise from watching porn not only ruins you as a person but your sex life and ultimately your marriage. When sexual expectations are left unchecked we also fall prey to looking for others who can fulfill our needs and thus stems an extra-marital affair. Stop making excuses and find time for a healthy sex life with your husband.



Don’t ignore Complaints

5 Ways to affair-proof your marriage!

No one likes a crybaby but if your partner is making an effort to make you know what bugs them, it sure helps to lend them an ear. You might not like what they say, but communication is the key to successful relationships and it’s best for you to participate in such conversations. Being ignorant of their problems or getting riled up with defenses doesn’t help the situation one bit. Make sure you give them the attention and understanding you would expect in their place for they are making efforts to work things out.



Date Each Other

5 Ways to affair-proof your marriage!

Love and intimacy aren’t all about sex, for it goes beyond that. Only those couples who continue going out on dates and engage in other couples-only activities can hope to maintain and grow their love with each passing year, leaving no space for anyone else to interfere with their perfect life. With kids, it gets difficult to take out time for each other, especially since babysitters aren’t easily available. Yet it sure is worth making an effort at least once a month and makes some arrangements for the kids elsewhere.



Technology should be kept aside


A major cause of lack of social interaction and rift in all relations is our growing attention to social media. First, you spend most of your day away from each other at jobs and when you do get together Facebook and Snapchat take up all your time. Spend as little time on social media or technology as a whole, as possible. Another important contributor to a strong relationship is transparency. Share your IDs and passwords with each other for there is no reason not to if you have nothing to hide. It’s okay to have a personal life as an individual, but if that personal life is something you’d hide from your partner then that’s a cause of worry.



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