5 ways to make printed dresses look great on you

Every woman loves the appeal of a printed dress, and we think it is a staple to have if you love fashion and dressing up. There are countless prints in the market, too! Dresses that feature flowers and floral patterns are often our spring and summer staples, while the louder ones like cheetah and zebra prints are for occasions like nighttime events. Any online boutique dress with printed fabrics can look great on anyone.

Since there are so many choices, it can get confusing with styling your printed dresses to look your best! We’ll break down everything you need to rock a printed dress.

  • Know the style for your body type

This is a style tip that goes far beyond printed dresses! Everyone has a different body type, so there are different styles of clothing that will be flattering for everyone. You have to know your body type and experiment with different clothing styles to know what works for you, and what does not. When you’ve got the style down, then you can narrow in on the prints and fabrics that you like!

  • Choose a flattering print

With so many prints to choose from, shopping in boutiques has never been so exciting! Choosing a print that is flattering to your body is essential. A good reminder about color is that the print will lean to a particular side of the color chart – darks, brights, metallics, and everything in between.

Keeping in mind rule #1 about body types, we suggest that prints with larger flowers are more flattering to petite body types; while smaller flowers give a better color impression on average to curvier body types. If you are slim to average, explore a balance of larger and smaller patterns together.

  • Pair with complementary staples

Fashion is meant to complement you so use that to your advantage. For example, textured pieces with lace or sequins is already eye-catching, so pair that with a plain top or bottom to match and use subtle touches like a clutch, handbag, or sunnies to go with it. They should not clash or distract one from the other but each element should tie your look together.

  • Mix patterns for an edgy look

They used to say to never mix prints! But now we have progressed past that and we’ve seen that adding different prints to one look can elevate your outfit – as long as you stick to the colors of the major print. For example, a floral dress with colors like black, white, blue, and pink, can be uplifted by using a polka dot bag or pumps in the colors of black and white. Little add-ons like this can give your look texture and depth.

  • Don’t forget to accessorize

Lastly, have fun and accessorize! Make sure to use pieces that are in tune with the rest of your outfit, especially paired with the colors of your online boutique dress. Depending on your event and your printed dress, choose accessories that will elevate it instead of distracting from it. For example – a striped bodycon dress featuring the colors black and gold would go perfect with simple earrings like gold hoops or chandeliers, nothing too large or bulky.

Don’t forget to have fun with it! Your style and personality should be incorporated into your look so enjoy mixing and matching to achieve that perfect outfit with your online boutique dress.