5 Ways to train your kids for a tidy home!

5 Ways to train your kids for a tidy home!

It is a usual sight that a home turns into a war zone when you have kids. They scatter all their toys and stuffs all around the house and make it resemble like a battlefield. Well! You surely have a way out. Having kids at home shouldn’t be an excuse for your home to look cluttered and chaotic. There are ways to train your kids to keep home tidy and clean. Here is how you can do that:




Cleanliness must be a priority in your kid’s daily life. It shouldn’t be penned down to an option as then the kids might not take it seriously. You will have to sit with them, have a conversation and make it very clear that they will have to clean up their toys once they are done playing. Tell them that they cannot say no as it will be a routine now. Make it a rule that they wouldn’t get new toys until they follow this instruction.




5 Ways to train your kids for a tidy home!

Kids find cleaning and setting up the house very boring and it is quite normal to feel that way. It will be unfair for kids if they are asked to indulge in tidying up when it is their play time or cartoon time. Turn the plate and make cleaning up a game. Play some music, twist and twirl and help your kid keep the toys back with some fun. Do not make it look like a stressful task. Keep some chocolates as a surprise for this activity; this will make them look forward for it.




Kids get confused very easily and hence, do not change the positions of their toys and belongings. Assign respective places for things as this will help them practice. Shelves and racks should be easy to access. They shouldn’t be at top where the kids can’t reach.




Do not keep complaining or ordering your kids. Be polite while giving instructions. They may fail at this task initially and it is okay. It will require patience and love to train them efficiently. Do not yell or shout at them if they do not clean it exactly or misplace their stuff. Help them find their toys and tell them where exactly to place them next time. Cribbing will kill their motivation and won’t help them foster this habit willingly.




5 Ways to train your kids for a tidy home!

If you have set rules for them, then the same should be applied in your actions. It is from your actions and doings that the kids are going to follow. So play a role model. Cleaning up doesn’t interest many of us but do not keep nagging about your daily tasks. If you keep nagging, your kids will extract the same from you and will dislike the tasks given to them.


So, these are few ways by which you can make the Herculean looking cleaning tasks simple and easy for your kids. Do not give in to your kid’s crying and tantrums. Be firm but be polite and gradually they will learn to tidy up!



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