6 Areas women overlook that need sunscreen!

6 Areas women overlook that need sunscreen!

We all love to flaunt our bodies on the beach. I remember that on my countless trips to beach every year, I take mega bottles of sunscreens and apply it all over my body. I thought I was safe from harmful rays of sun until one day I went to a dermatologist who told me that there are many areas that we generally overlook not knowing that they are also equally important when it comes to applying sunscreen.

So, next time when you are prepping for sun, you must ensure that you got these areas covered as well so that you are really safe from sun:


  • Your Eyelids:

6 Areas women overlook that need sunscreen!

Surprised much? So was I when found out that eye area needs protection too. Get yourself a 100 percent natural sunscreen stick and so that you can start fighting the signs of aging.

In order to avoid irritating your eyes, use a sunscreen stick for this area. This surely gives you a waxy feeling, but unlike creams they do not get in your eyes. You can also choose to wear sunglasses that guard against UVB and UVA rays.


  • Back of knees:

6 Areas women overlook that need sunscreen!

Legs are the most common site for melanoma in women.  Do not leave even an inch of your skin between your hip and your toes not excluding the back of your knees. One never really cares about them forgetting that this area is indeed the major sweat zone. Furthermore, sweat makes sunscreen melt away.

To combat this, you can keep the sunscreen with you and reapply it after heavy sweating.

  • On your lips:

6 Areas women overlook that need sunscreen!

Lips have lack of melanin, which means that this part has little natural protection from harmful rays of the sun. If you think that layer of lip gloss can protect you then no, it actually won’t. According to Christine Brown, a dermatologist at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, “Lip gloss might actually attract UV rays to penetrate into your skin”.


  • On the nails:

6 Areas women overlook that need sunscreen!

Skin cancer underneath the nails is usually overlooked and not really given proper attention. A sign of skin cancer underneath the nails is the presence of a dark stripe starting from the base to the tip of the nail.This is more common in darker skin tones. The prevention is simple: apply sunscreen on your nails and toenails. You can also find nail polish with sunscreen protection.


  • Back of neck:

The back of your neck gets maximum exposure to UV radiation and is vulnerable to UV rays, especially in women who have hair shorter than shoulder length.Protect them well from wrinkles and skin cancer by applying sunscreen generously to this area.Using scarves is generally a good idea too, but when it’s so hot you can’t really keep wearing them for long. When you have a sunscreen, be 100 %safe by applying it.


  • Scalp:

Your scalp also needs protection from the sun. Use a sunscreen spray in this regard. Spray it on your fingertips first and then use your fingers for applying this liquid to the scalp area. Most of the people think that they have hair to protect their scalp, but in absence of sunscreen, your scalp is prone to sun damage.Furthermore, in case you have thinning hair then sunscreen is even more important.


When you are out in the sun, keep yourself safe from head to your toe. You do not have to worry about harmful sunrays anymore when you know you have covered every susceptible area of your body. Have fun in the sun now when you have all your skin protected and safe!



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